2 Kings 4:1-7 -From Doom to Boom! (1)


In 2 Kings 4:1-7, a man from the company of the prophets, died and left behind a wife, two boys and much debt. Before long, his creditors came after his sons as his debt, remained unsettled. And for this reason, his wife sought help from God, through Prophet Elisha. She narrated her ordeal to him, and on his advice, she borrowed loads of vessels from her neighbours and poured the only oil she had, which by then, was meagre in quantity, but later became miraculously increased, into them. After she had finished with this chore, and after there were no more vessels remaining to be filled, the flow of oil stopped. It was at this point, that she went back to the man of God, and updated him with her experiences. He then advised her to sell the oil in the vessels, pay off her debt and live on the rest with her sons. And in next to no time, God elevated that family, through the Prophet, from the position of Doom to Boom.

We can deduce many points from the account above but because of time and space constraints, we shall only consider the following here:



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