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Introducing God In A Special Way!

A lot of people believe a higher power can help them live happier and healthier lives. But they don’t know much about God, or how to approach Him. A new book now available in paperback outlines the benefits of developing a close relationship with God, including evidence of God’s existence, and powerful testimonies compiled by a once-sceptical medical practitioner.

“About God: Undeniable Facts and Testimonies” by Adedayo “Dr. Stoney” Adegbulu is both a pragmatic exposition on God’s existence and an inspirational guidebook for anyone looking to grow their faiths, build a deeper relationship with the Creator, and improve the quality of their lives.  Once 50,000 copies of “About God” have been sold, Dr. Stoney has pledged to donate a portion of the book’s proceeds to fund missions to remote parts of Africa.

About Dr. Stoney!

Dr. Stoney is a physician who has encountered several people, including Christians, living their lives in deep agony. Most of them believe that God exists but know little or nothing about Him. “About God” is written for those seeking deeper meaning and purpose, offering simple and refreshing wisdom about the Creator to those who want to know more about Him.

As a young adult, Dr. Stoney detested and antagonized Christians until God transformed him. “About God” includes Dr Stoney’s compelling first-hand conversion story, which will move any reader to want to know more about God: “My book contains compelling evidence that has moved me, and many others to recognize that God is the author of science,” Dr. Stoney said. “Learning about Him is like opening a flood gate of amazing discoveries that know no end.”

Dr. Stoney is a preacher, teacher, counsellor, and mentor who ministers to others through his preaching and speaking engagements, Christian dramas, talk shows, creative writings, creative designs, and televangelism. He has written over two hundred and fifty Christians articles, and he is the Editor-in-Chief of the “Mind of Christ” E-zine.  Dr. Stoney lives in the United Kingdom with his family.

You can watch a short thriller on “About God”, and connect with Dr. Stoney at http://www.aboutgod.co.uk./

Jesus is Lord!

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