About God (16)

All committed Christians are Soldiers, i.e. Soldiers of God, otherwise known as Soldiers of Christ or Soldiers of the Cross. And if we want to be effective and safe in battles, then we must be ready to undergo regular, well-reasoned, and rigorous training programs, which in most cases involves a good measure of hardship. This becomes very crucial because our situation is more precarious than that of our earthly counterparts. While their enemies are largely visible, ours are not! Ours are also very fierce, and ruinous in nature (Ephesians 6:12).

But thank God that we are well armed with very deadly and highly precise weapons to deal with all incursions from our enemies (Corinthians 10:4-5). We can deploy the weapons at any time, however, we need to be properly trained, highly disciplined, and well-motivated like our earthly counterparts to skilfully use them. In that case, a measure of hardship will always be a part of our lives.

As soldiers of God, we should always expect hardships, and be willing to endure them to the end. Apostle Paul encouraged us in this respect (2 Timothy 2:3)! And if we do so successfully, we will receive a crown of life, which is an unbeatable and magnificent reward (Revelation 2:10).

Culled from the book “About God! Undeniable Facts & Testimonies” by Dr Stoney

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