About God (5)

Over the years, I came across some Christians who out of cowardice, said they are not warriors of Christ. One of them in particular, when discussing with me one day, said, “Dr. Stoney, being brave and being a warrior of Christ is not for me. I will rather be a coward and live my life in full than be a brave warrior of Christ, and die prematurely fighting for Him.”

Well, I think the man and those who think like him got things all wrong, and I told him so. I corroborated my position with two quotations relating to cowardice, bravery, and fighting for just causes, including fighting for Jesus Christ, and one’s faith.

The first quotation was from a lecture I gave a group of Christians some time ago. It goes thus: “Bravery by itself does not kill; cowardice does several times! But assuming you died fighting bravely for the Lord, history would judge you as someone who dealt a deadly blow to cowardice. And a big plus would be credited to your account in Heaven. These, on their own, are landmark achievements, for which the name of the Lord would be glorified through you.”

Culled from the book “About God! Undeniable Facts & Testimonies” by Dr Stoney

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