Act 1:8-The Power of the Holy Spirit is real! (4)

Speaking in tongues

The Holy Spirit confers on people, the ability to speak in tongues (Acts 2:1-4) and with this, they can by-pass the meddlesomeness of the Devil and his agents and talk directly to God (1 Corinthians 14:2). Speaking in tongue is also an excellent tool for self-edification (1 Corinthians 14:4) so, it is very vital.

When I was in the University, I attended a Christian revival uninvited with a friend and our main mission was to distract the attendees. We heckled the speakers as they mounted the pulpit and generally disrupted the event as much as we could. But to our amazement, nobody paid any significant attention to or got angry with us. At a point, the guest minister asked those who were interested in being baptized in the Holy Spirit to come out and a sizeable part of the congregation headed his call. We didn’t! Next, he spoke in a ‘foreign but funny’ language for what looked like eternity to us and then shouted ‘receive the Holy Spirit in Jesus name’. Immediately, many people, including distinguished university dons, astute administrators, top-notch professionals, students et al; people who undoubtedly, are not idiots, fell down and spoke in all manners of languages. We later learnt that they actually spoke in tongues and we were hugely amazed.

One morning, not long after I gave my life to Christ, I knelt down in my room and asked the Holy Spirit to give me the power to speak in tongue and He did. Since then, I have been speaking directly to God and winning wars with Him in charge and predictably, no one, not even the Devil, can come between us. You too can speak in tongue, talk directly to God and win your wars without outside interference. But you need the Holy Spirit to empower you for this purpose to start with.

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