ARISE and GO! (1)

  • Introduction

The prodigal son (Luke 15:11-24) was one of the sons of a certain well to do man.  One day, he went to his father, and requested for his inheritance.  His father did oblige him, and he went abroad and lived riotously afterwards.  Famine soon set in, and he suffered intensely.  Then one day, he got up and said ‘’I will arise and go— (Luke 15: 18-19)’’.  He rose up, and went to his father for forgiveness, help, and restoration back into the family.

Today, are you suffering like the prodigal son because of your past poor choices, and unwise decisions? If you are, then the Lord is asking you to ARISE and GO to Jesus Christ for relief.

Your response may come in one of the following three ways:

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