ARISE and GO! (2)

  • Total Disobedience

In Jonah Chapters 1 and 2, the Lord commanded Prophet Jonah to ‘ARISE and GO’ to Nineveh and cry out against it because of their wickedness.  But he disobeyed God totally.  Instead of going to Nineveh in the North East, he boarded a ship, and headed for Tarshish in the West, just to escape the presence of the Lord.  As a result, the Lord sent out a great wind, and a mighty tempest on the sea, and everyone on board panicked, because death was imminent.  Eventually on his request, and as a way out of the problem on ground, he was thrown into the sea and He was swallowed by a great fish for three days and three nights.  It was after he was thrown overboard, that normalcy returned to the sea.

As you can see, total disobedience of God’s instructions is fraught with serious consequences.  Please do not go for it.

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