ARISE and GO! (3)

  • Partial Obedience

In 1 Samuel Chapter 15, the Lord commanded King Saul to ‘ARISE and GO’ to Amalek, and destroy everyone, and everything in sight because the Amalekites made life very difficult for the Israelites as they came up from Egypt.  Initially, the King responded enthusiastically to God’s instruction by attacking the Amalekites vigorously.   He destroyed all the people and most of the animals they saw with the edge of the sword.  However, they spared Agag king and the best of the animals in the land, contrary to what the Lord ordered them to do.  Therefore for his partial obedience to God’s command, he lost his children, his anointing, his throne, and his life.

Partial obedience of God’s commands also lead to very harsh penalties.  You should therefore avoid it!

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