ARISE and GO! (4)

  • Total Obedience

In Genesis Chapter 12, God told Abraham at an old age to ‘ARISE and GO’ to a foreign land, and he obeyed Him totally.  As a result, God blessed him with children, even though it was biologically impossible for him and his wife to have them on account of old age.  He also blessed him with riches, glory, honour, good life, and the privilege of dying peacefully, and of being given a decent burial.

Friend, is God asking you to serve Him more, or to change your location and job? Is He asking you to forgive someone, start a new business, propose to a sister or accept a marriage proposal from a brother, study a particular course, etc.?  Will you disobey Him? Or will you obey Him partially or totally? Please be reminded that total disobedience and partial obedience of His commands, comes with unpleasant results.  But total obedience comes with glorious blessings.  Please choose wisely today, and be blessed in Jesus name.  Amen.

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