Arise and Go!

The prodigal son was one of the two sons of a certain man (Luke 15:11-24). At some point in his life, he went to his father, and asked for his inheritance; a taboo in most cultures, because it is deemed unacceptable for people to talk about inheriting others when they are still alive. All the same, his father yielded to his inordinate request, and gave him his inheritance. Then, he went abroad, and squandered everything; he lived riotously. Famine soon set in, and he suffered untold hardship, but he was wise enough to retrace his steps very quickly. He got up one day, and said “I will ARISE and GO to my father—’’. Before long, He went back to his father, and he was restored back to his rightful position in their family.

Like the prodigal son, a lot of people these days are suffering untold hardships owing to certain unwise steps they took in the past. Are you one of them? If you are, then I perceive the Lord asking you to ARISE and GO to where you will find help at once. But, your response may be any of the following; each having its distinctive consequence(s). You may choose to:

1. Disobey Him Completely.

Jonah (Jonah Chapter 1) disobeyed God completely when He commanded him to ‘ARISE and GO’ to Nineveh on an errand for Him. Instead of going to Nineveh in the North East, he headed for Tarshish in the West. The consequence of his action was that he ended up being swallowed by a large fish for three days and three nights. But God showed mercy of him when he repented of his sin, and the fish vomited him on the sea shore; his life was spared.

2. Obey Him Partially.

King Saul (1 Samuel Chapter 15) obeyed God partially when He command him to ‘ARISE and GO’ to Amalek, and destroy everything therein, because its people made life difficult for the Israelites as they came up from Egypt. Initially, the King responded enthusiastically to God’s commandment, but derailed soon after by keeping for himself, some of the spoils of war, which God specifically commanded him to destroy. Consequently, he lost his children, lost his anointing, lost his throne, and lost his life. He was not as lucky as Jonah!

3. Obey Him Completely.

Abraham (Genesis Chapter 12) obeyed God completely when He told him at an old age to ‘ARISE and GO’ to a strange land, far away from his people. For this reason, God rewarded him bountifully. He gave him children, even though it was biologically impossible for him and his wife to have them on account of old age. He also blessed him with riches, honour, glory, good life, and allowed them to die peacefully, and buried decently.

Are you currently suffering due to your past misdeeds? Did you make poor decisions in the past, which are now debarring you from enjoying all the benefits that God earmarked for you from the beginning? If you did, then I have good news for you! The time for you to be free has come, and it is now (2 Corinthians 6:2). The good Lord is asking you to ARISE and GO to Jesus Christ who has the requisite power (authority) to set you free (Matthew 28:18), and who is willing to do so (Matthew 11:28).

Today, is God asking you to ‘ARISE and GO’ and change your job, or your present locality? Is He asking you to marry a particular sister, or receive marriage proposal from a particular brother? Is He asking you to lose weight to be healthy? Is He asking you to attempt a particular examination, or meet a particular personality? Is He asking you to worship Him more, serve Him more, of finance His work on earth more? Or is He just asking you to relax, and do nothing, at least for now?

Friend, are you going to disobey Him, or obey Him partially? Or are you going to obey Him completely? Friend, you are free to respond the way you like, but remember that disobeying Him completely, or obeying Him partially will do you no good; they are fraught with disaster. You can only reap bountifully, if you obey Him completely! The prodigal son did, Abraham did, Noah did, Gideon did, Jephthah did, etc. and they never regretted doing so. You too will not regret if you emulate them, in Jesus name. Amen.

Jesus is Lord!

Dr Adedayo Stoney Adegbulu.

Dr Stoney is the author of About God! Undeniable Facts & Testimonies

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