Cheer Up Folks!

Patience and faith in God are of utmost importance while waiting on God for children. You see, He is abundantly able to save those who possess these vital traits. But let us be warned that while waiting on God, trials, temptations, and frustrations will come from time to time, but we must never allow them to derail us. One of the things that my wife and I discovered about them a long time ago is that they always disappear with the help of God. And now to my brothers and sisters waiting on God for their own children, I bring good tidings to you! And that is, they (children) are coming (Psalm 127:3), and you will have yours at God’s appointed time when you won’t have to struggle, and when His name will be glorified through you. So, cheer up; please be happy, work for God and don’t stop trusting Him, help others as well, and He will beautify you at the end of the day. I joyfully declare today, that your waiting period is gradually, but steadily coming to a glorious ending, and we shall all be on hand to rejoice you in Jesus name, amen. Praise God!

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