Like many people, I encountered myriads of problems when I arrived in the UK. Chief among them were the harsh cold weather, difficulty with grasping what people said, the foods which were alien to me, loneliness, and paucity of funds. But, God helped me out in one way or the other, using various people. May He bless and multiply them continually in return (Genesis 22:17), in Jesus name. Amen.

Before long, I put in for a major examination, which I was expected to turn out smartly in suit for. But because I was low on funds, I opted to buy a cheap but good looking suit. Sadly, I outgrew it quickly, and in an attempt to force its trousers on, while testing it two days to the examination, I lost its hook. Then, I knew I was in real trouble! How would I replace it, and who would help me out? I asked myself in my depressed state!

Eventually, I narrated my ordeal to my good friend, Olabode Winsala on phone, and typical of him, he came down to me promptly. We ended up praying to God vigorously for divine intervention, and I had peace of mind thereafter. But I still needed a suit, and none of his could fit me. So we decided to buy a new one, plus a matching shirt, tie, and cuff links, having raised about £150 between us. He contributed the lion share of the money of course!

Before we went out that day, my friend insisted that we should pray again, this time for God to assist us with our purchases. Honestly, I thought that was not necessary. Do we have to pray for every little thing, including our purchases? I queried him, and he said yes. Then, I remembered Psalm 37:5 which says “Commit your way to the Lord; trust also in Him, And He shall bring it to pass’’. I concurred immediately!

Anyway, we prayed and then hit a huge chunk of Central London, combing every fashion store in sight. Unfortunately, all the suits that we saw cost well over £120. What should we do, since we still had other stuffs to buy? But somehow, we trusted God that we would be fine in the end! Suddenly, my friend’s wife, Tokunbo Fagbemi Winsala, phoned and advised us to try a particular store nearby, and we did. All the stuffs in it were super, but very expensive; way out of our reach.

Just as we were about to exit the store, the Manager in charge called us back, and said we could pick up any suit of our choice, a matching shirt, tie, and cuff links, all for £200 only. Normally, those items should have cost us between £400 and £600 in that store. Remember we had only £150 on us.  Right away, I phoned around, and got somebody to pay £50 into my account. With it, we had £200, and paid for the items.

Afterward, we asked the manager why he was so generous to us, especially as he did not know us before. He just smiled, and said, “I really don’t know; I just did it’’. Straightaway, I concluded that God used him to bring our desires to pass, because we committed our way to Him, and trusted Him (Psalm 37:5)!

I later attended the said examination fittingly and gorgeously dressed, and smashed it to the glory of God.

Friends, this same God wants to bring your desires to pass as well. But, you must be prepared to commit your ways into His hands, and trust Him first of all. So, go ahead right now, and commit your battles into His hands, and He’ll fight them for you (Exodus 14:14). Commit your children into His hands, and He’ll save them (Isaiah 49:25). Commit your work into His hands, and He’ll bless it (Psalm 128:2). Commit your health into His hands, and He’ll heal you (Jeremiah 30:17). Commit those who chose to be your enemies into His hands, and He’ll sort them out for you (Proverbs 16:7), etc. Please be courageous enough to commit all your desires to Him from now on and He shall bring them to pass, sooner or later, in Jesus name. Amen.

Jesus is Lord!

Dr Adedayo Stoney Adegbulu.

Dr Stoney is the author of About God! Undeniable Facts & Testimonies


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