Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

Whenever you are visiting a site or a page for the first time, some small text files are saved onto your mobile device or your computer in order to be recognized the next time you visit. These small files are called cookies. There are also several other files or web beacons that can be used for the same thing. However, we are using the term “cookies” in this policy in order to include all files used to gather information in this manner.

What benefits do they offer?

We are using cookies in order to understand the website usage and also to improve the offerings and content on our websites. As an example, we might choose to use cookies so that it will allow us to personalize your experience on our websites (e.g. recognizing your name when you return to our page or when using a shopping cart). Also, we may use cookies so that we can offer you various products and services.

Cookies also save you time by remembering who you are and they increase our website’s efficiency. Through them we can determine what content is important to you and what is not. We can also remove or revise some of the web pages that are not according to your interest and we can focus our efforts on the content that you want.

Third party cookies

We also allow or we use third parties in order to serve cookies. For example, like most companies, we can use Google Analytics so that we can monitor our traffic. Also, we may choose to use third party cookies for various marketing research, improving the functionality of our website, revenue tracking and also to monitor compliance with the copyright policy along with the terms and conditions of our website.

Advertising cookies

We along with our advertisers use cookies in order to provide you advertisements that we consider to be relevant to your interests. We can also consider using small software called “clear gifs” or “web beacons” in order to collect aggregate and anonymous advertising matrix, for example promotion views, counting page views or advertising responses.

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