My kid sister was involved in a fatal motor accident in Nigeria some years ago. Of course, lives were lost in it, but, she only sustained serious injuries, for which she received treatments for many agonizing years. And the moment I got information on her ordeal, I decided straight off to visit and help her. But, I was too scared, and too traumatized to drive myself, therefore, I went in public transport to where she was hospitalized.

We set out on our journey very early one morning; even though I was still scared, I was determined to proceed anyway. However, I made sure the vehicle I boarded was in tiptop condition, and that I sat in-between two people, hoping to use them as ‘air bags’ should an accident occurred. My fear soon began to wane slowly as our journey progressed until I slept off!

Suddenly, I heard a very loud explosion, and I woke up instantly. I was later told it came from our vehicle’s steering control system, thus rendering it effectively uncontrollable. Immediately, it veered off the road, and ran wildly into the bush, colliding with rocks, trees, and everything in sight forcefully. Meanwhile, each time it hit any object, we got squashed further, to the extent that we couldn’t breathe properly.

Then in a flash, our vehicle adjusted itself, raced violently back to the road, and zoomed noisily towards an oncoming, fully loaded, over speeding Long Trailer Truck. At that point, we assumed we would die, and we started to shout the name of Jesus on and on, hoping for a miracle to happen somehow.

Just as we were a few metres to the rampaging vehicle, ours halted abruptly, made a scary reverse U-turn, moved totally out of harm’s way, and parked itself neatly on the adjoining slope, defying the force of gravity. It was after all the stunts had ended that we managed to wriggle out of our mangled vehicle one by one. Yes, we bruised, we bled, and we ached badly, but, we escaped death to the glory of God. Eventually, I made it to my sister and joined others to take care of her.

Friend, everything and everybody failed that day: our vehicle failed, our driver failed, we failed, since we couldn’t help each other, and our faith failed. The force of gravity even failed at a point, but, for a good reason: God neutralized it to uphold our vehicle, and protect our lives (Isaiah 41:10). But, in spite of this litany of failures, the name of Jesus did not fail when we called upon it. Hallelujah!

Today, I am offering Jesus Christ to you afresh, because you cannot do anything without Him (John 15:5), and you sure need Him to get all things done (Philippians 4:13). Besides, you need His name to move God to give you whatever you ask Him (John 16:23-24), and guarantee your safety (Proverbs 18:10). Also, you need His name to put whoever rises up against you in his or her place (Philippians 2:9-11); cast out demons; speak with new tongue; emerge safe from dangerous situations; and heal the sick (Mark 16:17-18). Most of all, you need the name of Jesus to be saved (Acts 4:12).

Friend, Jesus is waiting for you to call upon His name from now on. Please do so very quickly to boost your salvation, security, daily needs, dreams, health, family, marriage, relationship, ministry, career, business, finances, education, locality, town, nation, etc., and you can be certain that He will not disappoint you (John 14:13).

Finally, in case you have been calling upon the name of Jesus to date, but your desired result is taking a bit longer than you expected to come to pass, please do not keep silent, and give Him no rest till He answers you (Isaiah 62:6-7). I know He will answer you sooner or later, and your joy will be full. God bless you in Jesus name.  Amen.

Jesus is Lord!

Dr Adedayo Stoney Adegbulu