…I will restore health to you, And heal you of your wounds, says the Lord…” (Jeremiah 30:17)

I loved playing football as a young boy, but I was not good enough to make it into any serious team. However, I played with my mates from time to time, and I made sure no one messed up around me.

But most times, some boys outpaced and outclassed me. And each time that happened, all I heard in my head was REVENGE! REVENGE!! REVENGE!!! Then, I wasted no time in rough tackling and injuring them!

One day, I faced a smaller boy than me at our local football field. He played for the opposite team, and He was very good. He scored many goals against us and made a big mess of me that day. Without wasting time, I went all out to injure him.

But he was too fast, and I hurt myself badly in an attempt to injure him. I sustained a big wound on my right knee, which put me out of action for several weeks. Moving around was a big deal for me during that time.

The wound healed after a while but left an ugly scar behind, which pained, itched, and worried me for a long time. It has now disappeared; thank God! I no longer have an ugly, painful, and itchy scar troubling me.

Physical wounds are common; we all have had them at one time or another. While some left ugly scars that remained for a long time or forever, others healed well and disappeared with time. These days, doctors help people manage their wounds.

Apart from physical wounds, we also have emotional wounds, which are unseen. They are harder to manage and often accompany life events like abuse, the death of a loved one, ill health, job loss, a broken home, violence, wars, etc.

Emotional wounds affect people more than physical wounds and take longer to heal. They remind us of our difficult times. They help us avoid our past mistakes. They also make it possible for us to guide others better when they need us.

God is excellent at healing wounds; you can’t fault Him (Ecclesiastes 3:14). Do you have a wound that you are dealing with right now? And have you done all that you could to it all to no avail? Are you fed up and about to give up on it? If you are, please, pay attention to me.

First, realize that wounds are common. They affect people everywhere, so you are not alone. But they don’t last forever (2 Corinthians 4:17), and they won’t overwhelm you (1 Corinthians 10:13). Besides, they are to benefit you in the long run (James 1:2-4, Romans 5:3-4).

God wants to heal your wound (Jeremiah 30:17) through Jesus Christ (John 14:6). Please, note that God equipped Him for this task. (Acts 10:38) Therefore, pray to Him about your wound today. Maybe you did so before, and you are yet to see any change in your condition.

Or you feel God healed you earlier, but your wound has now returned. Don’t worry; pray to Him again; He is not tired of you (John 6:37). He will heal you once more (Matthew 11:28), and you will have reasons to be grateful to Him in the end in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Jesus is Lord!

Dr. Adedayo Stoney Adegbulu.

Medical Practitioner, Author, and Speaker.

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