Today, I remember my childhood friend, Babalola Okunola, alias Babby.  He is a distinguished Ear, Nose, and Throat Surgeon, a gentleman officer of the Nigerian Air Force, and a devoted child of God. He is a very good man, spotless in and out.

Babby and I entered the University at the same time, and I can recall he was a very good dancer; very sociable, always exuding kindness and happiness. Surprisingly, he gave his life to Christ one day, and some of us were truly sad about that development.  Why should Babby dump us, his ‘super cool’ friends, for a bunch of ‘dull looking, good for nothing born-again Christians’? I asked myself on and on.  Eventually, I approached him, and kind of pleaded with him to change his mind, but, he refused. So, I left him alone, but, right in my mind, I tagged him ‘a big joke’, ‘a bore’ and ‘an erratic character’.

Soon, Babby began to do well in the Christian fold.  He was always very calm, happy, and discussing Jesus Christ with anyone who cared to listen to him.  But, I still attempted to make him feel jealous by attaching myself, albeit insincerely, to some Christians in our set.  I wonder if they saw through my insincerity, because they were consistently so nice to me.

Shortly before our examination in the 4th year, I became unwell, and medical sciences could not help me as fast as I wanted, and I was really frustrated. But, one afternoon, Babby came up to me in the cafeteria, and said ‘Stoney, are you alright? I said no I am not, and I narrated my ordeal to him. Next, he said, can I pray for you? I know Jesus can heal you, He will set you free’ (John 8:36).  To me, that was good news, since I wanted to get well at all costs.  So, I quickly said ‘yes Babby, please pray for me’.  He later took me to his room, asked me to kneel down, read some bible passages with much authority, spoke in tongues for a while, laid hands on me, and commanded the forces troubling me to move out, in Jesus name.

Shortly after the prayer, I went back to my room, laid down on my bed and slept off, all within minutes.  I woke up nearly three hours afterward, had a quick supper, went back to bed again, and slept all through the night for the first time in many agonizing weeks.  That was how God delivered me faster (Isaiah 65:24) and better (Ecclesiastes 3:14) than what my doctors could have done for me.  I was promptly relieved of my continuous pains, sleepless nights, frustration, and of course medications. Hallelujah!

Friends, this God hasn’t changed a bit (Hebrews 13:8), and He is prepared to resolve all your troubles faster and better than you can ever imagine.  Please, take your illness to Him today, and He’ll heal you faster and better (Psalms 107:20).  Take your adversaries to Him as well, and He’ll deal with them faster and better (Ezekiel 25:17). Take your wayward children to Him right now, and He’ll save them faster and better (Isaiah 49:25).  Besides, take your ill performing business to Him, and He’ll revive it faster and better (Deuteronomy 28:8), in Jesus name. Amen.

Are you poor or broke? Are you bereaved, jobless, vulnerable, single and lonely, childless and broken hearted, etc.?  If you are, then approach God for help through Jesus Christ today, and He’ll deliver you faster and better (Matthew 11:28). Please note that He loves you exceedingly (Zephaniah 3:17), and He’ll do anything to make you happy (Psalm 84:11).  Therefore, commit all your troubles into His hands today, do not hesitate, and it shall be well with you, in Jesus mighty name. Amen.

Jesus is Lord!

Dr Adedayo Stoney Adegbulu