In July 2005, my Sister, Adenike Adegbulu-Aro, called from Nigeria to inform me she would be in London in the third and fourth weeks of that month.  I was very excited on the prospect of seeing her again, and I did all I could to be in London for her.  I also planned a couple of activities to make her visit exciting.  One of them was for us to attend a major outside London Christian crusade on Friday 22nd of July 2005.

I booked us on a coach (bus) ride for the journey early enough, and by the 20th of July, I was already in London, shopping, cooking, and generally getting ready for her arrival.  Regrettably, our journey to the crusade ran into a major hitch due to the attempted bomb attacks on London on Thursday 21st of July, 2005.  Still, we forged ahead with our plans, since the crusade organizers announced it would go on as planned.

But, because of the huge disruption to London’s public transport system during that period, we arrived at the coach station at about 12.00 noon; well after our coach had left at 10.15am. So, we missed it just as quite a lot of others missed theirs, and there was a backlog of restless passengers itching to travel for the crusade.

The coach providers soon released an emergency coach, which could only take a few of us, to ease the situation on ground.  And almost immediately, the surging crowd began to enter it, and as things were then, it seemed we had no chance of ever getting on it, since we were right at the rear of the crowd.  Nonetheless, we kept our peace, and remained open to a miracle from God somehow.

Suddenly, one of the officials pointed in my direction and said, ‘sir, would you like to go on this coach?’. ‘Yes, I would, but with my sister’, I replied.  ‘No problem, both of you should step forward, I will accommodate you’, he concluded.  So, we stepped forward boldly, and the people parted way for us to pass through; of course, they were stunned!  We got to the crusade grounds safely, and we had a great time before God that day.  To cut a long story short, God fished us out, and sorted us out through one of the officials. He is willing to do the same for you today, in Jesus name.  Amen.

God will fish your business out, and bless it (Deuteronomy 28:12). He will fish your children out, and save them (Isaiah 49:25).  He will fish your health out, and fix it (Jeremiah 30:17).  And if you are broken hearted, He will fish you out, and see to you (Psalm 147:3). He will fish your battle out, and fight it for you (Deuteronomy 3:21-22). He will fish your long awaited promotion out, and give it to you on a platter of gold (Psalms 75:6), in Jesus name. Amen.

Barren women will not be left out this time around, for God will fish them out too, and give them their own children (Psalm 113:9).  And those who are broke will be remembered, as God will fish them out, and prosper them (Psalm 35:27). Those who have been written off can now rejoice, because God will fish them out, and give them a future and a hope (Jeremiah 29:11), in Jesus name.  Amen.

Friends, please get ready for this awesome God! Meanwhile, keep praying to Him regarding your deepest heart desire(s), keep praising Him, keep worshipping Him, keep trusting Him to fish you out and sort you out, keep doing good as well, and He will reward you sooner or later (Hebrews 6:10), in Jesus name. Amen.

*Our writing ministry is twelve years old today.  Praise God!

Jesus is Lord!

Dr Adedayo Stoney Adegbulu


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