I heard about this elderly man whose hearing had failed significantly. As a result, he went to see his doctor who then fitted him with the latest high tech hearing aid in the market.

Two weeks later, he went back for check-up, and it was discovered that his hearing had improved a great deal, such that he could hear virtually every sound perfectly. The Doctor was very happy for him, and the following conversation ensued between them.

Doctor: Mr Tom, I am very happy for you, now, you can hear a lot better than before. I am sure your people must be very happy for you too.

Mr Tom: I haven’t told any of them yet!

Doctor: But why Mr Tom? I thought you will be eager to tell them so that they can share in your joy.

Mr Tom: Don’t worry Doctor, I will tell them when I am ready. But for now, I just seat down quietly among them, and listen to their conversations. And since I started doing this, I have changed my will three times!

*Attention please: This joke is only meant to brighten your day; it has nothing to do with religion. Thank you.

Dr Adedayo Stoney Adegbulu is the author of About God! Undeniable Facts & Testimonies

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