Igbagbo Mi Duro L’ori Jesu (My Faith Rests on Jesus)

Igbagbo mi duro l’ori, eje at’ododo Jesu

Nje gbeke le oun kan, leyin Oruko nla Jesu

Mo duro le, Krist’ apata, ile miran, iyanrin ni (iyanrin loje)

Mo duro le Krist’ apata ayeraye, ile miran baba o, iyanrin ni


English Interpretation:


My faith rests on the blood and truth of Jesus

I dare not depend on anything else, beyond the great name of Jesus

I stand on Christ the rock; all other grounds are mere sands (they are mere sands)

I stand on Christ, the rock of ages; all other grounds Father, are mere sands


-Yoruba, Nigerian Praise and Worship Songs

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