Jesus Christ is the Same Yesterday, Today, and Forever

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever” (Hebrews 13:8).

Above is a very familiar bible quotation, which is often cited in Christendom to buttress the belief that, Jesus Christ is strictly unchangeable.  It serves as the motto of several Churches, Christian organizations, corporate bodies, and individuals all over the world.  And it can be found on posters affixed to the back of bibles and other Christian literatures, notice boards, bill boards, walls of buildings, cars, etc. far and wide.  Some people even tattoo it on their bodies! But it is a statement of fact, which I, like several other people, can attest to by means of testimonies.  It is my pleasure to narrate some of mine under the following headings.

1.  Jesus, the unchanging ultimate Healer

This testimony is aimed at portraying Jesus Christ as the unchanging ultimate healer.  He is very adept at healing people and the bible attests to this fact thus:   ‘’And Jesus went about all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing all kinds of sickness and all kinds of disease among the people’’ (Matthew 4:23) . His proficiency has not diminished a bit since then.

Mr KAN (not the real name), a close associate of ours, once developed a rare, but very complicated neurological problem, which crippled him physically and mentally for nearly four years.  He was seen by many brilliant doctors in Nigeria and abroad, but none of them could heal him.  He later, out of desperation, employed the services of native doctors, sorcerers, occultists, witches and wizards etc. still, none of them could help him out.  Things went so bad for him such that, by the time we met him, he wasn’t interested in living anymore.  Anyway, we gave him hope and led him to Christ.  We also arranged deliverance for him and he was totally healed to the glory of God.  Mr KAN lived a normal life and regained all that the Devil stole from him when he was ill thereafter.  This testimony confirms once again, that Jesus Christ is still in the business of healing people and that, He is truly the same yesterday, today and forever.

Friend, do you or anyone close to you need healing today? If you do please, turn to Jesus and He will sort you out (Matthew 11:28).  Amen.

2.  Jesus, the unchanging Giver of result oriented direction

Jesus Christ is the only person who is capable of giving people consistent and purposeful direction.  In Acts Chapter 9, Saul (later called Paul) went to Damascus to persecute Christians and he did so with much vehemence, till he was struck down with blindness from heaven.  And as a consequence of this incidence, he became helpless and sought assistance from God saying: ‘’Lord, what do you want me to do?’’ (Acts 9:6a).  And Jesus gave him a result oriented direction as follows:  “Arise and go into the city, and you will be told what you must do” (Acts 9:6b).  He complied with the instruction and that marked the beginning of his mind-boggling success story on earth. 

Back home in Nigeria, my wife and I needed urgent and continual financial assistance which nobody we approached, was ready to give us.  And this brings to the fore what is written in Lamentations 4:17 that is, ‘’ Still our eyes failed us, watching vainly for our help; in our watching we watched for a nation that could not save us’’.  In the end, we sought direction from Jesus, which came via a Holy Spirit led revelation from one of our fathers in the Lord during a prayer meeting.  In it, we were led to buy and sell patent medicines, in addition to our normal professional duties.  By the way, nothing prepared us for this type of business, but we complied promptly with a meager capital of £120.

Before long, God expanded the business beyond our wildest imagination, and in less than six months, our capital base increased from £120 to over £2,500 (i.e. by over £2,380 or almost 2,000%) which was and still is a lot of money in Nigeria.  Now, if we had left our initial capital of £120 in a bank account for six months without touching it, it would not have given us up to £20 as interest (i.e. an increment of 24%, as against the nearly 2000% that we eventually had). But because we obeyed God, He blessed us much more than what we bargained for, and our business outfit became the reference point in our area.  Not only that, from the profits of this venture, we met all our financial obligations, and blessed other people as well.  Just as Jesus gave the people of old result oriented direction, so is He able to give us same in this age as well, if we allow Him (Isaiah 30:21).  Remember that he is the same yesterday, today and forever.    

3.  Jesus, the unchanging Giver of children

God is the unchanging Giver of children. Remember that He gave Hannah, Sarah, Rachael, Elizabeth etc., all barren women, choice children even though, they had earlier been written off. Jesus is also highly proficient at giving children to those desirous of them (John 5:19).

I met Mrs S.E (not the real name) in Nigeria many years back. She was unable to have children, ten years post marriage; and she was under intense pressure from her husband’s family to either give birth to a baby within a stipulated short period of time, or face the humiliation of being thrown out of her matrimonial home. Such is a common occurrence in our background! Prior to that time, and afterwards, she saw many first-class Gynaecologists in Nigeria and abroad, but none of them could help her out of her predicament. Then one day, while crying inside her car at the car park of our hospital, a born again, Holy Spirit filled, Consultant Pathologist (not even a Gynaecologist) came up to give her succor, and she narrated her ordeals to him. Then, he told her very simply that Jesus would give her a child, and she believed him. Afterwards, he led her to Christ, and decreed a child into existence for her in the name of Jesus Christ. Guess what? She became pregnant the following month, without any medical help, and she gave birth to a bouncing baby boy, nine months later to the glory of God.

Are you or someone close to you desirous of having children? Have you been told that you can no longer have yours? If your answer is yes, then I have good news for you! Please approach Jesus Christ, the unchanging giver of children today, and I trust that He’ll fix you up before long. Amen.

4.  Jesus, the unchanging Provider of watertight security

Jesus Christ is also the unchanging Provider of waterproof security (Psalm 127:1). 

I once worked in a town, located within the potentially prosperous, but inexcusably neglected and poverty stricken oil and gas producing Niger Delta region of Nigeria.  The town was infested with all manners of criminals including armed robbers, and at a time, almost all the people that I know there had been robbed at one time or the other and all of them had very terrible tales to tell.  We were not exempted!  At about 1.30am one day, a gang of about ten (10) fierce looking, marijuana smoking, very noisy, and fully armed robbers invaded our residence.  And from the outset, it was clear to us that they came to steal, to kill and to destroy (John 10:10).

Initially, they tried all they could to gain entrance into our house by force, but they failed in their bid nevertheless, they persisted.  Then in a split second, I remembered Jesus Christ and some of the earth shaken miracles that he performed strictly after giving thanks to God.  For example, I remembered that He gave thanks to God before raising Lazarus up from the tomb (John 11:1-44), and before feeding four thousand people with seven loaves and fish (Mathew 15:32-39).  Armed with the cases above, my wife and I joined our hands together, and we gave thanks to God and asked Him to save us.   Our prayer was very brief and it went thus: Father we thank you because each time we call on you, you always answer us.  Today, save us from the cruel hands of these armed robbers, and let this siege end now in Jesus name, amen”.  Then, we sat down on our bed and waited for God to act on our behalf.

And after a while, one of the armed robbers spoke in a subdued but determine voice that he would like to opt out of the robbery operation, because according to him, since we chose not to talk or panic, he was dead sure that we were up to something sinister.  He also said he sensed a palpably frightening force, which he was not prepared to confront, backing us.  Please remember that we were dealing with extremely dangerous criminals, who were dead high on drugs here!  Some other members of the gang soon supported him, and before we knew what was happening, a loud dispute erupted among them, and they left our compound in disarray to the utter disbelief of their leader.  Eventually, he (their leader) too, with his gun dangling sloppily behind him, and his head bowed down, scaled over the fence, and melted into the dark. And immediately, Acts 2:21 zoomed into my mind.  It says: ”And it shall come to pass, that whoever calls on the Lord shall be saved”.  Their hasty retreat from our abode also brought to life Deuteronomy 28:7, which says: ”The LORD will cause your enemies who rise against you to be defeated before your face; they shall come out against you one way and flee before you seven ways”.

Is insecurity to your life and properties a problem to you at the moment? If it is, then submit yourself under the care of Jesus Christ, the unchanging Provider of waterproof security, He will keep you safe.  Amen.

We have so far ascertained that Jesus Christ is the unchanging ultimate healer, the unchanging Giver of result oriented direction, the unchanging Giver of children and the unchanging Provider of waterproof security.  It is therefore very clear, that power truly belongs to Him (Matthew 28:18) and that He is still in the habit of performing miracles.  He is ready to accommodate you in his plans as well, if you permit Him.  So, I encourage you not to give up if you are currently experiencing any problem; no matter how flimsy or tough it might be.  Just commit it into His hands today and He will sort it out for you before long because He genuinely cares for you (1 Peter 5:7).  Without doubt, Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever!  Hallelujah, Amen.

Jesus is Lord!

c Adedayo Stoney Adegbulu, 2008

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