In Revelation 3:8, Jesus Christ said: ‘’…Behold I have set before you an open door, and no one can shut it…‘’.

This is a remarkable pronouncement that is extremely relevant to us in this dispensation.  It is obviously uplifting because it assures us of absolute freedom from the clutches of the Devil and inexhaustible opportunities.

Before moving any further, please let us pay a close attention to the word door so that we can understand the import of this write up better.  A door has been described as ‘’a solid sheet (of wood, metal, glass etc) hung so that it permits access through or closes up an entrance‘’.  And if it is of a good quality, it will prevent intrusion, guarantee security, confidentiality and dignity.  However, it could also be an impediment if it is closed for too long because it will effectively shut out access to food, water, light, wholesome air, assistance, companionship etc.  In a situation like this, death cannot be far fetched.  But, the situation is bound to change the moment this door is re-opened. 

Figuratively speaking, any situation that limits you or that makes your life continually tough can be likened to a state of closed door.  Such situations include ill health, barrenness of diverse kinds, joblessness, poverty, stagnation or regression in life, lack of meaningful assistance, debt, sin etc.  If any of these is worrying you at the moment then, be of good cheer because right now, Jesus Christ is saying ‘’…Behold I have set before you an open door (out of the situation), and no one can shut it…‘’. 

The benefits of accessing the aforementioned door are many but we shall consider a few of them today because of time and space constraints.

1.  Healing.  One of the major functions that Jesus Christ performed on earth was to heal different aspects of our lives ranging from our minds and souls, to our bodies and even to our material needs (Luke 4:18).  Healing from him is still readily available today if only we can boldly access the open door that he set before us.    Jesus is not a respecter of persons and whatever he has done for others in the past; he can still do for you this time around.  Perhaps some aspects of your life or the life of somebody close to you needs healing please, access this open door today. Ask Jesus Christ to heal them and guess what? He will since he is hugely primed to do so (Act 10:38). 

2.  Deliverance from barrenness.  Barrenness can manifest in diverse ways.  For example, inability to have children is a good example.  Others include poverty of ideas, stagnation or regression in life etc.  Please allow me to focus on the first category i.e. inability to have children today.  It is a very restrictive and painful experience.  It becomes more agonizing if one comes from parts of the world where failure to have children is a big issue.   In such places, life is deliberately made difficult for those affected.  To the sisters and brothers desiring to have their own children, I bring good tidings to you! And that is, today, Jesus has set before you an open door, and no one can shut it.  And by the grace of God, this door will lead you to having your own children in the name of Jesus.  Please remember that it is your inalienable right to have children (Psalm 127:3) and as far as God is concerned, barrenness and miscarriage has ceased to be a part of your life (Exodus 23:26).  So cheer up!    

3.  Deliverance from sin.  Sin is a major phenomenon which we unfortunately inherited from Adam and Eve.  No one is free from it (1 John 1:8) and because of sin, it is difficult for us to escape intricate life situations which regrettably, may lead to needless death if care is not taken (Romans 6:23).  We should be happy though since Jesus has set before us an open door which no one can shut.  And accessing this door by confessing our sins and turning away from them will help us in no small way in getting rid of them (1 John 1:9).  In addition, God is also willing to deliver us from the effects of our past sins.  Prophet Hosea made allusion to this fact in Hosea 6:1 when he said: ‘’ Come, and let us return to the Lord; for he has torn, but he will heal us, he has stricken, but he will bind us up’’.  If you are yet to confess and forsake your sins and if you are yet to accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior please pause a little bit and do so straight away.  You may even wish to rededicate your life to Christ if you feel a compelling need to do so.  Definitely, you stand to gain a lot from this exercise.

Friend, we have seen some of the benefits that follow the open door Jesus Christ is referring to.  As an individual, what do you hope to achieve by accessing this open door? Then why don’t you go ahead and convey it (or them) to Jesus Christ in prayer today? Things will only get better for you and not worse.  It is my fervent prayer that your expectation in life will never be cut off in Jesus name.  Amen.

Jesus is Lord!


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