Judges Chapter 11-You Shall Be Celebrated And Not Tolerated (1)

  • Introduction

Jephthah (Judges Chapter 11, was a mighty man of valor who grew up with his half-brothers in Gilead.  At a time in his life, he was due for his inheritance from their father but, his brother denied him of it; just because his mother was a harlot.  He later fled for his dear life and lived in a place called Tob, where he met some worthless blokes and raided with them.  After some time, his people were attacked by the Amorites and their existence became threatened.  It was at this point, that the elders of his clan went looking for him because they knew he was the only person, who could rescue them from their aggressors.  Of course, he obliged them but not until he had extracted a promise that they would make him their overall head from them.  He also made a vow to God in exchange for His support.

There are many points which we can extract from this account and I will like share some of them with you in this write up.  They are:

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