Judges Chapter 11-You Shall Be Celebrated And Not Tolerated (3)

  • Attention will be drawn to us one day, and we shall regain our position and voice

At a time, Jephthah lost his inheritance, position and voice in his family and he became a refugee/criminal in a foreign land.  But at the right time, attention was drawn to him and he regained his voice and position in his community and family.  Have you been side-lined by certain people lately, and have you incurred demonstrable losses as a result? If you have, then I bring good news to you today and that is, God will soon restore your losses back to you (Joel 2:25) and he will go to any length to achieve His set objective (Isaiah 42:16).  And in the end, all the people making your life taxing or making fun of you right now, will have no other choice than to pay attention to you and make peace with you; whether they like it or not (Proverbs 16:7).  But you must be prepared to please Him and have absolute faith in Him first of all (Hebrews 11:6).

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