Judges Chapter 11-You Shall Be Celebrated And Not Tolerated (4)

  • A vow to God may be necessary to achieve greatness in life

Jephthah made a vow to God to offer Him whatever came out of his house to meet him first, in exchange for His help to win the battle against the Amorites.  Unfortunately, it was his daughter that first came out to meet him and he offered her to God.  Sometimes you may have to make a vow to God if you truly want something spectacular from Him.  For instance, Hannah (1 Samuel 1:1-19), wanted God to end her long spell of barrenness and she made a vow to Him and He gave her a bouncing baby boy called Samuel.  Loads of other people in the bible and in this age, also vowed to God at one time or the other and they attained greatness in their lives.  Do you want to attain greatness in yours too? If you do, then go ahead and make a vow to God in exchange for His help today.  Please note that your vow does not necessarily have to consume a human life as the case was with Jephthah.  You may vow to serve God more than ever before.  You may even vow to pay your tithes and offering as a matter of priority or to assist the needy and the poor more than you’ve ever done till now, or win more souls for Christ etc.  Nevertheless, you must be prepared to defray your vow very quickly and in full (Ecclesiastes 5:4) as failure to do so, may be construed as a sin against God (Deuteronomy 23:21).

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