Launch Out Into The Deep

In Luke 5:1-11, the bible says Simon and his friends fished all night, and caught nothing!  Obviously, they must have been very frustrated that day, but, as they were washing their nets preparing to go home, Jesus approached them and requested for the use of Simon’s boat, and he agreed.  And in appreciation, Jesus asked him to lunch out into the deep for a catch.  Reluctantly, he agreed, and he and his colleagues then caught loads and loads fishes, which they could not handle on their own.  So, they requested for outside help, still they could not cope!  This startling incidence prompted Simon to ask Jesus to depart from him but, He refused because once He has made up His mind to bless someone, nobody can stop Him.

There are many points in the account above; Let us now consider some of them.

1.  Frustrating moments may crop up now and again.

Frustrating moments may crop up now and again in your business or job, health, education, finance, relationship, spiritual life, etc. Simon and his friends were expert fishermen, but that night, frustrating moment cropped up in their business. Perhaps you were doing very well in certain area of your life before, but the story has changed lately; please don’t worry as such is common. Remember that you are not alone; God is around the corner to help you out (Psalms 46:1).

2.  You may have to give God your all, to get His all.

Simon’s only tangible possession in life was his boat, but he gave it to Jesus Christ unconditionally. That is, he gave Jesus his all! And in appreciation, Jesus gave him His all (loads and loads of fishes) as well. You too can give your all vis-à-vis money, time, energy, skill, influence etc., to God today, and He’ll give you His all too (Luke 6:38).

3.  God will remember you at some point.

It wasn’t immediately after Simon released his boat to Jesus Christ that He remembered him.  No!  He remembered him only after He had finished speaking!  Perhaps you have given God what seems to be your all today, but it seems a commensurate reward is yet to come, don’t worry;  just tarry on, He will reward you at the most auspicious time (Ecclesiastes 3:11).

4.  You must be prepared to obey God when He remembers you.

When Jesus remembered Simon and his friends, He told them to launch out into the deep for a catch, and they obeyed him. Today, is He telling you to start a Ministry, or dabble into a particular trade? Is He telling you to change your present job? Is He telling you to attempt a particular examination, or to just relax for the time being? Please obey whatever He asks you to do.

5.  Amazing result awaits you if you obey God.

Simon and his friends obeyed Jesus and launched out into the deep and their destiny changed immediately. They caught so much fish such that they had to call for outside help. As if that was not enough, Jesus also made them Fishers of Men; prominent ambassadors of the Kingdom of God. Amazing results awaits you too, if you obey God today, through Jesus Christ (Isaiah 1:19).

Today, do not hesitate to launch out into the deep; Jesus is waiting to surprise you!

Jesus is Lord!

Dr Adedayo Stoney Adegbulu.

Dr Stoney is the author of About God! Undeniable Facts & Testimonies



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