Luke 8:22-Go Over to the Other Side (1)

  • Introduction

From Luke Chapter 8, it is easy to conclude that Jesus Christ and His disciples had a very busy schedule.  And at a point, He addressed them saying: ’’let us GO over TO THE OTHER SIDE of the lake’’(Luke 8: 22) ostensibly, to catch some rest from the huge crowd that followed them everywhere.

Before I continue with this write-up, please permit me to spend a little time to examine the statement ‘GO OVER TO THE OTHER SIDE’, which is central to what Jesus Christ said earlier.  It is my belief, that it will help us to understand its essence better.  From what I could garner on it, it appears to me to mean different things to different people at different times.  But for the purpose of this write up, I will like us to stick to the idea that it is an instruction or advice to someone to move from his or her current position, to a new one.  The said position could be a town, country, school, career, relationship, religion, church, allegiance, etc.  And there are several reasons why people change their position now and again.  For example, it could be for the purpose of improving their capabilities, status, earning power, or to seek education, better life, fun, rest, security, justice, etc.

A lot of people also change their position, to align with God through Jesus Christ; having been with the Devil for some time with dire consequences.  It is known that such people, often enjoy eye-popping benefits at the end of the day (Luke 18:29).

Some of the benefits are:

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