Mathew 6:10-Let Thy Kingdom Come (5)


I have earlier documented in this series, that great joy, great calm and deliverance are some of the prominent results of allowing God to bring His Kingdom into a troublesome circumstance. Another one is Life! John 11:1-44 gives an account of how Lazarus was brought back to life having been dead for four unbroken days. Please recall that it was Mary and her sister Martha that sent words to Jesus Christ about Lazarus’ illness to start with. So, in some way, we can safely assume that their action is akin to asking God, through Jesus Christ, to bring His Kingdom into Lazarus’ dead body and He did and it bounced back to life. This scenario can be repeated again today given that Jesus, is still as effective as He used to be in restoring life back to people’s dead or defective circumstances (Hebrews 13:8). Therefore, if any of yours is affected, please ask God to bring His Kingdom into it right now. He will surely answer you and it will bounce back to life in Jesus name. Amen.

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