The joke below was originally posted by one of my friends.  It captures the content of a job interview between two men, which I tag OFFICER and MONDAY respectfully. I found it incredibly funny, and I am reproducing it here for your enjoyment. It goes thus:

OFFICER: – What is your name?

MONDAY: – M.P. sir

OFFICER: – In full please


OFFICER: – Your father’s name?

MONDAY: – M.P. sir

OFFICER: – What does that mean?

MONDAY: – Matthias Paul

OFFICER: – Your native place?

MONDAY: M.P. sir

OFFICER: – What’s that?

MONDAY: – Mulanga Province

OFFICER: – What is your qualification?


OFFICER: – (angry) What is that?!!!

MONDAY: – Mechanic Practitioner (Motor Mechanic)

OFFICER: – So why do you need a job?

MONDAY: – It is because of M.P. sir

OFFICER: – Meaning?

MONDAY: – Money Problems

OFFICER: – Would you explain yourself and stop wasting my time? What’s your personality like?

MONDAY: – MP sir.

OFFICER: – And what is that?

MONDAY: – Marvellous Personality

OFFICER: – I see… I will get back to you.

MONDAY: – Sir, how was M.P. sir?

OFFICER: – And what’s that again?

MONDAY: – My Performance.

OFFICER: – I think you have M.P.

MONDAY: – Meaning?


*Attention please: This joke is only meant to brighten your day; it has nothing to do with religion. Thank you.

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