Psalm 149:1-Reasons for Worshipping God (1)

Because it is the right thing to do.

Many people in the bible worshipped God because they knew it is the right thing to do (Psalm 147:1). King David was one of them! In Psalm 33:3, he urged people to ”Sing unto him (that is God) a new song…”. Prophet Isaiah also added his own voice to this all important issue by saying ”Sing to the Lord a new song and his praise from the end of the earth …” (Isaiah 42:10). Both men and those of their ilk worshipped God habitually and they succeeded while on earth. So, if we want to succeed on earth like them, then one of the things we have to do is to incorporate the attitude of worshipping God into our lifestyle and we will be happy we did in the end in Jesus name. Amen.

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