Psalm 149:1-Reasons for Worshipping God (4)

To thank Him for delivering us from unpleasant situations.

Realising their huge loss, following the exit of the Israelites from Egypt, Pharaoh and his men pursued them with the aim of bringing them back into slavery. Before long, the Israelites found themselves trapped in between the highly rated but dreadful Egyptians soldiers and the red sea and they became very afraid. So, they cried out to God to deliver them and He did (Exodus 14: 1-30). After that, Moses and the Israelites worshipped God in song; thanking Him for delivering them from that very unpleasant situation. Their song, which now forms the body of a popular Christian worship song, is found in Exodus 15:11 and it goes thus:

Who is like unto thee, O Lord?
Who is Like unto Thee, O Lord?
Among the gods, who is like Thee?
You are glorious in Holiness
And fearful in praises
Always Doing Wonders, Hallelujah

If you want God to be a constant feature of your life after delivering you from a festering situation, then do what the Israelites did; praise and worship Him in songs (Psalm 22:3).

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