Psalm 23:1-Approach the good Shepherd (4)

He delivers us from evil

The good Shepherd is dexterous at delivering us from evil as well. Please bear in mind that He once delivered the mad man of the Gadarenes (Luke 8:26-39) who was reputed to be greatly tormented by demons and he was perpetually naked and violent and the only place that could contain him was a tomb. That was his sad story until he had an encounter with Jesus, the good Shepherd, and he was delivered. It was documented that the next time he was seen in public, he was sitting at the feet of Jesus Christ, clothed and in his right mind. This Jesus, is ready to repeat the same feat in this age and time as well (Mathew 11:28). Therefore, if you are being tormented by an evil spirit that pushes you to do what you shouldn’t do or that deters you from doing what is right, please approach Him today and He’ll deliver you. Amen.

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