Psalm 23:1-Approach the good Shepherd (5)

He Revives us

Jesus also revives us. For instance, He revived the daughter of Jairus when the need arose (Luke 8:40-56)! Jairus by the way was a ruler of the synagogue. Earlier on, he approached Jesus to revive his dying daughter and He agreed to do so. But along the line, a significant event i.e. the healing of a woman with the issue of blood of twelve years duration, cropped up and it hindered His movement. So, by the time He eventually got to her, she was already dead. But trust Jesus, the good Shepherd; not even death could stop Him from living up to expectation. Despite negative comments around, He nonetheless went to the girl and commanded her to arise and she did. That is, He revived her back to life! He is still in the business of reviving people back to life till today (John 11:25-26) and He can also revive your ailing body or business, ministry, education, career, marriage, etc. back to life if you wish (Luke 1:37). Please, approach Him today and you’ll not be disappointed by the grace of God. Amen

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