Result Oriented Prayer Points

In Acts 3:1-10, Peter and John went to the temple at the hour of prayer, and at its gate called beautiful, was a man crippled from birth. Day after day, he was carried and laid down there, ostensibly to beg to keep body and soul together. When he saw Peter and John, he focused his attention on them hoping for alms as usual. But this time around, he got more than he looked forward to; he got a full-blown healing to the glory of God.

I have read this account many times in the past, and I read it again recently only to unearth some result oriented prayer points from it. They are very potent, easy to understand and easy to apply. Besides, they are capable of revolutionizing people’s prayer lives and I intend to discuss them in this write up. They are:

1. Lord, plant me in the right place, at the right time, all the time

The man was at the gate of the temple while the men of God ordained to heal him, were passing by. That was the right place for him to be at that time and he received his healing accordingly.

God also planted many people in the bible in the right places, at the right times, just to transform their lives. An excellent example was Joseph (Genesis 39-50)! At various times, he ended up in what we can call appalling situations where help was non-existent. He was sold into slavery by his brothers, bought by a strange person in a strange land, imprisoned for an offence he did not commit and snubbed by those he once assisted. But thank goodness, those were the right places and the right times earmarked by God to groom him! In the end, He catapulted him (Joseph) from prison to power, becoming second in command to Pharaoh and a channel of blessing to loads and loads of people of his generation.

Friend, if you want God to transform your life or to elevate you from where you are, to where you ought to be, then pray to Him to plant you in the right place, at the right time, all the time as from now on. He will surely answer you and your joy will be huge in Jesus name. Amen.

2. Lord, help me to focus my attention on You without wavering

The man wanted Peter and John to bless him hence; he focused his attention on them without wavering, until they blessed him with healing.

Hannah (1 Samuel 1:1-20) too, coveted a child from God after a long spell of barrenness therefore, she over looked all the insults heaped on her by Prophet Eli and Peninnah, her co-wife, and focused her attention on Him without wavering. The result was that, she gave birth to a bouncing baby boy, called Samuel. Similarly, Elisha (2 Kings 2:1-12) focused his attention on his master, Elijah, without wavering till he was taken away from the earth. And as a result, he got a double portion of Elijah’s anointing and went on to become a legendary Prophet of God till today.

Do you desire a miracle from God? If you do, then, pray to Him to help you to focus your attention on Him without wavering and you’ll have it at the end of the day. Please remember that those who focus their attention on God, are never disappointed (Isaiah 49:23). And you shall not be an exception in Jesus name. Amen.

3. Lord, bless me beyond my expectation

The lame man, expected not more than alms from Peter and John, but the Lord blessed him with healing instead. That without doubt, must have been beyond his expectation.

In a related development, a paralytic (Matthew 9:1-7) was brought to Jesus Christ in His own city. The bloke probably did not expect more than healing, which of course, he got. But on top of that, Jesus forgave him his sins. That was a huge one, which must have exceeded his expectation.

Friend, whenever you pray to God, ask Him to bless you with your specific heart desires. In addition, ask Him to bless you with extras, which will go beyond your expectation, so that you can run your life with ease, and bless other people as well. I am positive that He will answer you (1 John 5:14) in Jesus name. Amen.

4. Lord, clothe me with the garment of praise

After Peter and John had healed the lame man, he entered the temple-walking, leaping and praising God. And his miracle became very obvious to everyone and they were filled with amazement.

Praising God, is something that is very close to His heart and it is one of the fastest ways by which, you can attract His attention to your condition (2 Chronicles 5:13-14). And when He shows up, He will save you (Psalm 18:3) and your life will never be the same again. But let me quickly advice you here that, you are not likely to go far with praising Him by means of your own efforts alone; you sure need Him to clothe you with the garment of praise to start with (John 15:5). That is why, you need to pray to Him right now to do so, and He will in Jesus name. Amen.

Friend, so far, we’ve been able to adduce a couple of prayer points from the story narrated in Acts 3:1-10. They are very simple to use and they are capable of revolutionizing our prayer lives. I hope you will adopt them as from now on and before long, you will see yourself flourishing beyond measure in Jesus name. Amen.

Jesus is Lord!

c Adedayo Stoney Adegbulu, 2008

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