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Recently, someone wrote to honour me for being a huge influence on her. I have never met her before, but she has read a lot of my articles! I was so moved by her action that I decided to likewise honour as many people as I can, who influenced me positively in the past. This is in harmony with the word of God that says: “Love each other with genuine affection, and take delight in honouring each other (Romans 12:10).”

I have therefore dedicated a new category on my blog named Shout Out, to implement my decision. Please, kindly join me to honour the first person today Thank you.


I attended Government College, Ibadan, (GCI); a very prestigious Secondary School in Nigeria! But prior to going there, I spoke very little English.  Meanwhile, English was the official language of the school, and almost everyone there spoke it very well.

In those days, it was the tradition in our school for junior boys to take permission from their seniors before entering rooms that were not theirs. If there was no senior boy around, then junior boys were expected to back off!  One day, in my first year, I entered a room that was not mine without permission! Of course, that was a sacrilege and a major punishable offence, especially as the room was swarming with senior boys at that time!

The following conversation (paraphrased) later ensued between one of the senior boys in the room, and me.

Senior Boy: Adegbulu (i.e. my surname), why did you enter our room without permission?

Me: (I was at that point trembling) Sorry, “I FORGET TO TOOK’ PERMISSION’’!

Immediately, everyone in the room busted out laughing; some rolling on the floor! I am sure they couldn’t believe that a GCI boy could ‘damage’ the Queen’s language as I did. They must have also wondered how on earth someone like me found his way into their school to start with. In any case, the conversation continued as follows:

Senior Boy: (also laughing, but obviously sympathetic) Adegbulu, don’t worry that we are making fun of you! We all make mistakes, don’t we? Next time, say “I FORGOT TO TAKE PERMISSION’’; instead of “I FORGET TO TOOK PERMISSION’’!  Now, go out and do the right thing.

Immediately I went out, properly asked for permission to enter the room, and I was allowed in without any hassle. Can you believe that I was neither punished nor rebuked? Wow, that was awesome!!

My take on the incidence!

The kind Senior Boy gave me the confidence that I badly needed to speak more in English. In the process, I made many mistakes, but, I learnt from them, and moved on. Today, several years after, the story is different, for God has turned my major weakness, into one of my major assets (2 Corinthians 12:9). Hallelujah!

Ladies and gentlemen, please join me to pray for, and give honour to the Senior Boy in question; Taiwo Ty Fatungase; a first-class Aeroplane Pilot; a Captain of substance, and a worthy Soldier of Christ. Thank you my Teur (Teacher). May God continue to bless and lift you up, in Jesus name. Amen.

Dr Adedayo Stoney Adegbulu (Dr Stoney)

Medical Practitioner, Author, and Speaker

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