In Matthew 7:7, Jesus Christ said ‘’Ask and it will be given to you…’’ and in verse 8, he went on to say ‘’for everyone who asks receives…’’

These declarations are very soothing for the soul especially in our turbulent and storm-filled world where in human terms most situations seems very bleak.  It is also very gratifying to know that we are not restricted in anyway in our asking (John 14:14).  That means the quality, quantity, frequency and extent of our asking is not controlled.  All that is required of us is to ask Jesus Christ for whatsoever we need and he is waiting on the other side to deliver them to us.  Aren’t we lucky?

As mentioned above, there is no end to those things that we can possibly ask Jesus Christ to do for us but for the sake of guidance; we shall consider some of them here with biblical examples.  We can ask for:

1.  Direction.  In Acts Chapter 9, Saul (later called Paul) went to Damascus and persecuted the Christians there intensely until he was struck down from heaven.  He then became helpless and did not know what he should do next.  He was however wise enough to quickly ask Jesus Christ for direction.  He said: ‘’Lord, what do you want me to do?’’(Verse 6).  Jesus did direct him and that was the beginning of his incredible success story which is still relevant till today.  Are you confused in anyway and do you want direction? If your answer is yes then, ask Jesus Christ-he will answer you.

2.   Healing.  In Luke Chapter 7:1-10, a centurion told some respectable people to talk to Jesus Christ to heal his beloved Servant who was about to die.  In verse 7, the man sent words again to Jesus asking him to ‘’…say the word, and my servant will be healed’’.  The man had absolute faith in the power of Jesus Christ and it was recorded that those who were sent, returning to the house, found the servant who was sick well.  Perhaps you are suffering from a health concern and you want healing; why don’t you ask Jesus at once? He is categorically committed to healing you (Acts 10:38).

3.  Cleansing.  In Luke 5:12-13, a man full of Leprosy asked Jesus to cleanse him.  In verse 12 he said ‘’….Lord if you are willing, you can make me clean’’.   Of course Jesus was willing and he cleansed him without delay.  Leprosy is a contagious disease and it brings about deformity, shame, sorrow and isolation. Definitely, it requires active and dedicated treatment.  Figuratively speaking, anything that is capably of causing shame, sorrow and isolation in a person’s life can be likened to Leprosy.  It could be a shameful past, record of drug addiction, stints in jail, chronic debt, bankruptcy, bareness of any kind, joblessness, perpetual stagnation in life etc.  If you are affected by any of these or more in anyway then you need cleansing and who can do it better than Jesus Christ? No one!  Today, ask him to cleanse you and he will. 

4.  Salvation.  In Luke 19:1-10, a man called Zacchaeus sought to see who Jesus was.  He was a chief tax collector (therefore a notorious sinner) and he was rich.  Because of his reputation, people raised eye brows when Jesus stayed in his house.  Zacchaeus defended himself robustly and his action can be taken as asking Jesus Christ to save him and as expected, Jesus did not let him down.  Supposing you are not yet saved, or you are not too sure of your salvation, this is the time for you to settle this important matter once and for all.  By so doing, you will be able to belong to the kingdom of God and then have access to the good things of life (Matthew 6:33).  Ask Jesus Christ to save you today; accept him into your life as your personal Lord and Savior and allow him to be in charge-tomorrow may be too late.    And if you are already a child of God; born again and Holy Spirit filled I say congratulations.  You are unquestionably at liberty to ask and to receive whatsoever you wish from Jesus Christ.  Please do not hesitate to utilize this great opportunity.

Finally, perhaps you have been asking Jesus Christ for certain thing(s) for some time and it seems there is no respite in sight; please do not be discouraged and please do not give up.  What is expected of you is to continue to ask and you will receive your joy will be full in the end and (John 16:24). 

Jesus is Lord!