Delay is not Denial

Recently, we looked at the life of Joseph with particular reference to his travails, and we identified many encouraging points some of which I will like to share with you today.  But before then, let us recall aspects of his life which are relevant to this write up.  In Genesis 37, Joseph dreamt that he would become very notable one day, and that his family members would pay abeyance to him, and he discussed his dreams with them.  Unfortunately, they were not happy with him and in annoyance, they sold him into slavery and he suffered immensely.  Eventually, his dreams came to pass to the glory of God.

Now, let us look at the points that I promised to share with you earlier.  They are:

1.  God still keeps his beloved abreast of his plans for their future.  God is still in the habit of revealing his plans to his beloved in diverse ways.  For example, through the words of the bible and through prophesies, dreams, visions etc and quite a lot of people worldwide can confirm this fact.  In the case of Joseph, He chose the option of dreams. Knowing God’s plans for one’s life is a very soothing experience which all serious minded Christian should covet.  Fortunately, He is willing to reveal His plans to all and sundry via the aforementioned channels (Joel 2:28) and the thought of being excluded is completely out of the way.

2.   We will always encounter hardships despite God’s revelations to us.   Joseph encountered a number of heart wrenching hardships even though he had a cheering picture about his future beforehand.  His brothers rebuked him, they envied him; they derided him and eventually, they sold him into slavery.  And in slavery, he was lied against and jailed.  Please do not be surprised or discouraged if like Joseph, you find yourself battling with several hardships despite God’s heart warming revelations to you before.  Always remember that hardships are an unavoidable part of our existence (John 16:33) and that in the long run, they will refine our character and reinforce our hope in God (Romans 5:3-5).

3.  God’s revelations will surely come to pass at the right time.  In the end, Joseph’s dreams came to pass at the right time.  He still made it to the top and people from all works of life, including his brothers, came to pay abeyance to him as revealed in his dreams and he became a channel of blessings to his generation.  Up till today, God’s revelations to mankind still come to pass with pin point accuracy and at the right time.  Again, a lot of people can testify to this fact.

Friend, did God reveal his plans concerning your future to you in the past? If he did then, consider yourself very lucky because not everyone can boast of such privilege.  And have you been waiting for his revelation to come to pass and it hasn’t yet? If your answer is yes then, don’t fret anymore.  Just bear in mind that as far as God is concerned, delay is not denial! Moreover, he is totally committed to making you happy this time around (Isaiah 46:11c) but you have to be patient.  He (God) buttressed this position in Habakkuk 2:3 when he said: ‘’For the vision is yet for an appointed time; But at the end it will speak, and it will not lie. Though it tarries, wait for it; Because it will surely come, It will not tarry’’.  Please be patient!

Finally, if God has not revealed anything to you yet and you want him to do so, then be prepared to invest more time in prayer, and he will answer you (Mathew 7:7).  May he do so swiftly, and may your joy be full now, and forever in Jesus name.  Amen.

Jesus is Lord!