Do Something Nice Today!

Recently, I read an article about some Christian Inventors and how their works positively affected the entire world in a daily devotional (The Word For Today).  And soon after, I discussed it with a friend of mine; an avid follower of Christ and we both ended up giving thanks to God for their lives.  Today, I will present a synopsis of what was written on some of them and then take on two vital questions.

1. James Young Simpson:  As a student at the University of Edinburgh, James Young Simpson got attracted to Surgery because of the pain and high mortality rate experienced during surgical operations.  One day, he read Genesis 2:21 (And the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam…) and concluded that Chloroform was the way out.  At first, he experimented on himself and in 1847; the first set of operations using Chloroform were performed.  His celebrated work is the harbinger of today’s safe surgical practices that saves inestimable number of lives each year.

2.  Louis Braille.  Louis Braille invented the Braille which is a system of raised dots on paper.  This extraordinary creation makes it possible for the visually impaired persons to read the bible and other materials.

3.  Samuel Morse.   Samuel Morse is the father of communication and his invention laid the foundation for today’s mobile phones and computers.

4.  Louis Pasteur.  Louis Pasteur, a French scientist, first demonstrated that infection results from the activities of microscopic organisms (germs and viruses).  He also introduced sterilization methods aimed at destroying these organisms before they infect us. 

There are many other Christians whose activities I would have loved to highlight in this write up but I cannot because of time and space constraints.  I hope to write on them in future.

Having read this piece so far, I expect some questions to crop up naturally.  I will now take two of them to encourage us.

1.  Can we excel like the aforementioned Christians especially in this age and time? The answer is YES we can because ‘’…with God all things are possible’’ (Matthew 19:26).

2.  What conditions must we satisfy to excel like them? We must be willing to:

  • Be used by God.  Like Prophet Isaiah while addressing God, we must be willing to say: ‘’Here am I; send me’’ (Isaiah 6:8).
  • Ask God to give us first-rate ideas that will improve humanity and the wisdom to put them into action.  Guess what? He will oblige us (James 1:5).
  • Return all glory to God.  When success eventually comes our ways, we must be ready to return all glory to God (Psalm 29:1–2).

Friend, perhaps you are not cut out for inventing stuffs-don’t worry!  At least, you should be able to make somebody happy with your action(s) henceforth.  Send that money to those in need today; make somebody’s day through a telephone call, visit that lonely neighbour of yours, send a get well card to that sick person, appreciate your spouse etc.  Just do something nice and you can be sure that your efforts will not go unrewarded (Galatians 6:7) in Jesus name.  Amen.

Jesus is Lord!