In Psalm 56:3-4, King David referring to God said ‘’when I am afraid, I will put my trust in you…I trust you, so why should I be afraid? What can mere mortals do to me?

King David was a very powerful and highly successful King of Israel.  He was outstanding in many ways and God loved him dearly.  And like other people, he too encountered numerous fearful moments in his life.  It is however not on record that he resigned to fate instead, he trusted God solidly and in the end he overcame all his fears.

Looking at the happenings in our world today, nobody can fault us if we construe that just as King David and the people of his time were afraid of one thing or the other, so are we at the present.  Everyday we see frightening evidences of terrorism cum insecurity, wars and threats of wars, hurricanes, earthquakes, destructive floods, wild fires, economic failure with its attendant negative effects like job losses, excruciating poverty, family disruption, sicknesses and infirmities, unjustifiable deaths etc.  All these and more have instilled colossal fear in the minds of many people.  What then is the way out? Absolute trust in God!

Absolute trust in God in fearful situations has many benefits and we shall consider some of them in this write up.  For example it guarantees:

1.  Safety.  We shall make allusion to Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego to defend this point.  The book of Daniel tells us that they were exceptionally talented young Jews in King Nebuchadnezzar’s service.  Even though they were very close to the King, they still trusted God completely.  However, they parted ways with him because he wanted them to worship his image of gold-something the young lads found extremely repulsive.  Instead of succumbing to the King’s threats of being thrown into a blazing furnace, they stuck to their guns and trusted God to keep them safe (Daniel 3:16-18).  They were later thrown into the furnace but guess what!  Nothing untoward happened to them.  This supports Proverbs 29:25 which says: ‘’The fear of man brings a snare.  But whoever trusts in the Lord shall be safe’’.  If you desire absolute safety in this era of extreme insecurity then, put your trust in God and he will not disappoint you in Jesus name.  Amen.

2.  Deliverance.  1 Samuel Chapter 1 encapsulates how Hannah a barren woman was harassed untiringly by her husband’s junior wife Peninnah.  But despite the grave humiliation she faced, she trusted God completely and he delivered her from shame and sorrow by giving her a choice son called Samuel.  Perhaps you want God to do something stunning for you but a positive response appears out of reach and now you are afraid then, I bring good tidings to you!  Help is on the way; get ready for it.  Seek the face of God today, trust him absolutely too and he will deliver you from all your fears (Psalm 34:4).  Hannah trusted God and he delivered her from childlessness and its associated shame and sorrow.

3.  Prosperity.  In Genesis Chapter 12, God told Abraham, a very old man, to relocate to a new locality and he obeyed because he trusted God completely.  And for his act of obedience, God prospered him.  God gave him children (when it was entirely impracticable for him and his wife to have any child on account of old age) immense riches, honor, glory and a very good life.  God also gave him the privilege of dying peacefully and of being given a decent burial.  This example confirmed what is written in Proverbs 28: 25b i.e.: ‘’…But he who trusts in the Lord will be prospered’’.  If you want to prosper in this age and time that opportunities are fast shrinking then, put your trust in God and you will laugh last in Jesus name.  Amen.

Friend, we have established once again that it is beneficial to trust God.  Perhaps you are yet to trust him for solutions to issues that are affecting your life negatively then, the time to do so have come and it is now!  But if you have been praying about the issues for awhile and it seems respite is not in sight, do not worry and do not give up.  God will definitely respond in his own time (Ecclesiastes 3:11).

Finally through out this month, the remaining part of this year and for the rest of your life, I implore you to ‘’be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them (i.e. people or difficult situations) for the Lord your God, he is the one who goes with you, he will not leave you nor forsake you’’ (Deuteronomy 31:6).  So shall it be in Jesus name.  Amen.

Jesus is Lord!