I watched two young boys as they played a game known as ‘beat it’ not too long ago. In it, they suggested ideas to one another in turns. While each approved idea earned a point, each unapproved one resulted in the loss of a point, and a denigrating ‘beat it’ response. In the end, the boy with the most ‘beat it’ responses lost the game, and the other won a predetermined gift.

By way of definition, ‘beat it’ means go away, depart, leave, vamoose, retreat, be off, shove off, clear off, and head off among others. It essentially conveys the notion that someone is not welcomed in a particular place or situation. Whereas sensible people would leave straightaway, trouble makers would not. In that case, appropriate steps might have to be taken to dislodge them.

Looking back now, I believe we can play the ‘beat it’ game with Satan as well. Remember that he is always on the move, looking for who to devour (destroy) (1 Peter 5:8)! And one of the ways by which he does this, is to inundate people with his demoralizing suggestions, which often weakens and destroys sooner or later. It is therefore our responsibility to order him to beat it, whenever he comes too close for comfort!

For instance, if he suggests to you that the illness afflicting you at the moment will kill you; tell him to beat it, for you were healed by the stripes of Jesus Christ a long time ago (1 Peter 2:24). And if he touches any member of your family, tell him to beat it, since he has no legal right to touch them to start with (Psalm 105:14-15).

Perhaps Satan is rejoicing on the death of your beloved, and now, he is suggesting that it is your turn to die. Just smile, and order him to beat it, because the death of your beloved is not in vain; God is excited about his or her homecoming (Psalm 116:15). Besides, he (Satan) is not competent enough to determine when and how you will die; God is! So, tell him that you will not die, but live and declare the works of the Lord (Psalm 118:17).

Supposing he suggests to you that you will not amount to anything in life, because you do not have the approval of certain god fathers; just tell him to beat it! The fact is, you do not need anybody’s approval to do well in life, since you already have the solid approval of God Almighty (Romans 3:24 (GWT)).

He might even suggest to you that you have no chance of being happy again; please do not accommodate his baseless views! Just order him to beat it, because “weeping may endure for a night, but joy will come in the morning (Psalm 30:5). And if he suggests that your needs can never be met, tell him to beat it, because God is on hand to supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:19).

If he suggests to you that you look rather ugly, hence no one will marry you; just order him to beat it, because being ugly is not for you, since God made you fearfully and wonderfully ab-initio (Psalm 139:14). Also tell him that your lovely spouse is on the way (Psalm 84:11).

Friend, as can see, you are well equipped to consign Satan to where he rightfully belongs! But, to start with, you have to equip yourself with the words of God to dislodge him time after time. You must also stand your ground firmly at all times, and ask him to beat it with his unwanted suggestions. I can assure you that before long, he will flee from you (James 4:7), and you will be free to serve the Lord unfettered, laugh your best laugh, dance your best dance, and dream your best dream, in Jesus name. Amen.

Jesus is Lord!

Dr Adedayo Stoney Adegbulu.

Author of About God! Undeniable Facts & Testimonies

Ellesmere Port, UK.


In Galatians 6:17, Apostle Paul said “… let no one trouble me, for I bear in my body the marks of the Lord Jesus”.

Above is one of my favourite bible passages, ostensibly written by the Apostle to keep undesirable elements, who wouldn’t allow him to rest, at bay.  Indirectly, he told them to back off!

The statement as it were, is still relevant to us to date, as there are many people out there, who are determined to make our lives difficult for no good reason.  They include those who frown at, and punish our identification with Jesus Christ; those who churn out dreadful policies to repress our faith, and those who encourage the side-lining, harassment, jailing, beating, stoning, and even killing of Christians.  No doubt, we need to act very decisively and wisely to safeguard our lives and faith.  And the starting point is to tell them to back off in words and deeds!

But, be warned that they are not likely to listen to us without a good fight.  In a situation like this, we must feel free to ask God to deal with them for us, and He will.  Remember how He mercilessly dealt with the Egyptians, when Pharaoh refused to release the Israelites from bondage.

So, in what ways can God deal with our tormentors, you may wish to ask at this point? Well, there are many, but we shall consider only the following for now.

1.  He can withdraw their peace. Prophet Isaiah confirmed this stance in Isaiah 48:22 as follows: “There is no peace,” says the LORD, “for the wicked”.  And I believe if God should withdraw our tormentors’ peace today, they’ll be forced to leave us alone. They have no choice!

2.  He can curse them.  King Solomon substantiated this viewpoint in Proverbs 3:33 this way: “…The curse of the LORD is on the house of the wicked…” (Proverbs 3:33).  And whoever God curses is doomed!  Please recall that He cursed the Serpent for deceiving Eve (Genesis 3:14-15), and that event signalled the beginning of its travails to date.  So, except our tormentors leave us alone, God is open to cursing them, and they’ll suffer intensely afterwards.

3.  He can fight and destroy them.  God is willing to fight those who harass us.  He confirmed this in Isaiah 49:25 thus: “…I will contend with him that contends with you…” (Isaiah 49:25).  He is also willing to destroy them, and He verified this position in Psalm 11:6 like this:  “Upon the wicked He will rain coals; Fire and brimstone and a burning wind Shall be the portion of their cup”.  Personally, I cannot see how anyone, including our tormentors, can survive this type of onslaught. Praise God!

4.  He can wipe out their history.  Not only is God keen on fighting and destroying our tormentors, He is also keen on wiping out their history altogether.   The Psalmist was so sure that this can happen, that he asked God to “Let them (i.e. his tormentors) be like chaff before the wind…” (Psalm 35:5a).  And chaff before the wind as we know, is a goner!  It will never be seen or remembered again forever!

As you can see, God is not short of effective ways of dealing with trouble makers, including our tormentors.  In view of that, we should stop absorbing the needless ill-treatments they hurl at us from now on.   We are of God, therefore it is inconceivable that we can lose our battles against them (1 John 4:4).

So friends, let us arise with confidence today, and order our tormentors to back off.  If they are sensible (usually they are not), they’ll leave us alone.  But, if they don’t, then we should free to ask God to deal with them for us, and He will (Isaiah 41:10), and they’ll have themselves to blame for the colossal calamity that will befall them (Isaiah 41:11-12).  A word is sure enough for the wise!

Jesus is Lord!

Dr Adedayo Stoney Adegbulu.

Dr Stoney is the author of About God! Undeniable Facts & Testimonies

What Is Talking To You And What Are You Saying Back?

I am going to commence this write up with a question which is:  What is talking to you lately and what are you saying back? Is your body talking to you that that you will never recover from your sickness? Is your family situation talking to you that your loved one will never be set free from bondage? Are your bills talking to you that you will never get them paid off? As a student, is your mind talking to you that you will never pass your prescribed examinations? Is something talking to you that you will never get a good job or that the business you are about to embark upon will not be successful? These and other negative suggestions are nothing but ugly falsehood and mountains specially packaged by the Devil to make your life miserable.  Friend, what is your response to them?  What are you saying back?

As Jesus told his disciples in the past, He is also telling you today to speak out to your mountain(s) of needs that is, those things that are talking negatively to you and making your life burdensome and uninteresting and the good news is that they have no choice than to shift ground and be thrown into the sea (Mark 11:23) or wither like that fig tree reported in Mark 11:12-14, 20&21.  However, you must not entertain any doubts in your mind; this is very important.  Remember that Jesus is willing and able to set you free and your expectations shall never be ruined in Jesus name.  Amen.

Finally, let me commit you into God’s able hands as I wish you a month of clear-cut liberation.

Jesus is Lord!