Pain to Power

We shall consider Genesis 28:10-19 in this write up.  It gives a good account of Jacob’s journey from Beersheba to Haran and from it; a couple of points can be deduced.  They are found in:

1. Verse 10.   Jacob left Beersheba for Haran.  Beersheba means a well of oath; a place of covenant.  Even though this sounds very promising he opted for more.  He proceeded to Haran which means mountaineers, a land of climbers or high flyers and on the way he encountered God, got his promises and became a high flyer too.  From this, we can deduce that better conditions await us out there if we mingle with high flyers.  Therefore, we should never limit ourselves.

2.  Verse 11.  When it was sunset, he settled down and stayed all night in a particular place.  Sunset depicts the final declining phase of something or the darkest moment in a person’s life.  This is the period when most people are prone to giving up.  If you are in this position at present, please don’t give up!

In this place too, Jacob converted a stone into pillow to support his head before sleeping off.  Figuratively speaking, stones connote pain or hardship which normally goes hand in hand with worries.  Jacob carried his worries with him till he slept.  It is obvious from above that worries weaken the body and it may kill if care is not taken.  Therefore, stop worrying because Jesus is ready to set you free (John 14:1).  Please give Him a chance!

3. Verse 12.  Jacob dreamed.  You too should dream so that you can hook up with God’s vision for your life.  How do you see yourself today and in years to come? Successful? That is what you will become in Jesus name.

In his dream, he saw a ladder linking the earth to the heavens.  A ladder is a tool for elevation or as it was in this account, a divine connection between men and God.  Today, reach out for God’s ladder, climb it (by way of prayer) and get connected to Him. 

4. Verse 18.  Jacob converted the stones (his worries or pain) that he used as pillow into a pillar.  As we know, pillars provide support for superstructures.  That means there is power in pillars.  It cannot be out of place therefore if we say Jacob turned his Pain into Power.  This is what will happen to you when you get connected to God in Jesus name.  Amen.

Later, he poured oil on the pillar.  Oil connotes anointing, beauty, fatness, flourishing, riches etc.  This shows straightaway that when you get connected to God, not only will He convert your pain to power; He will also add to you, beauty, riches, flourishing, etc.

5. Verse 19.  Jacob changed the name of the place from Luz to Bethel.  When you get connected to God, your destiny will change; the way people see and relates with you will change because you will become a heavily improved person in Jesus name.  Amen.

Finally friend, let me encourage you to get connected to God today if you haven’t already. Fervently pray to Him concerning areas of your life that are giving you Pain and He will convert them to areas of Power.  He will also fill your mouth with laughter and your heart with joy in Jesus name.  Amen.  (Hebrews 11:6).

*Special thanks to Mrs Adebimpe Adegoke Awoyungbo.

Jesus is Lord!