Are You Still Worrying?

I ran into a friend some years back and in the course of our discussion, she told me that she had a habit of worrying too much which she couldn’t bring to an end.  I asked her why and she gave me the following reasons.  First of all, her health was fast failing and her doctors seemed unable to help her.  Secondly, her husband who was a chronic alcoholic found it extremely difficult to retain a job for long and her son, a drug addict, was always in and out of police trouble.  As if all above were not enough, her business was in shambles therefore, she had insignificant access to funds which she needed desperately to keep body and soul together and nobody was willing to assist her.  I truly felt sorry for her and we later talked things over and prayed together.  We specifically asked Jesus Christ to intervene in her situation and he did by solving all her problems one after the other to the glory of God.

Like this woman, there are many people out there who are daily inundated with unpleasant incidences which makes them to worry; sometimes excessively with detrimental effects on their well being.  Such people definitely need help.  Perhaps you or somebody close to you is one of them then, I bring you good tidings. Jesus Christ is willing and able to save you as he saved my friend.  But you must first be prepared to observe the right protocol which involves the following.  You must:

1.  Stop worrying.  This is the starting point and it is very crucial.  It might sometimes be difficult to achieve but it is not impossible to do so.  Jesus Christ pontificated against people getting worried on many occasions.  For example, in John 14:1 he said:

‘’Let your heart not be troubled; believe in God, believe also in me’’.

In short, he said we should not worry about anything.  And if you comply, you will succeed in sending a clear message to him that you believe in him and that you want him to save you.  And guess what? He will without fail.

2.  Commit your burdens into his care.  Apostle Peter advocated this position lucidly in 1 Peter 5:7.  He said.

‘’ casting all your care (burdens) upon Him, for He cares for you’’.

Jesus Christ is interested in taking over your burdens because he loves and cares about you dearly and he is eager to give you a resounding victory if you give him the chance (Matthew 11:28). 

3.  Hold your peace; be expectant.  This is usually the hardest part of the protocol because victory can sometimes be delayed and this can be quite frustrating.  But bear in mind that our so called ‘long time’ does not amount to much as far as God is concerned (2 Peter 3:8, Psalm 90:4) and there is really nothing we can do to influence him.  However, he will give you victory at the most auspicious time if you wait patiently for him (Psalm 40:1-3).  Yes; challenges may crop up in the process but the good news is that none of them can overwhelm you (I Corinthians 10:13).  Please note that God is always dead right and dead on time.  Yours is to wait for him and his is to bail you out.  King Solomon captured this reality clearly in Proverbs 20:22b when he said:

‘’Wait on the Lord, and he will save you’’.

Friend, is there any aspect of your life or the life of somebody close to you that is agitating your mind? Have you done all that you could to deal with it unsuccessfully? If your answer is yes then, why don’t you put abovementioned protocol into practice as from this moment?  Many people did in the past and they triumphed.  You too can!

Finally, let me use this opportunity to wish you a happy August 2008.  May you be blessed and lifted through out in Jesus name.  Amen.

Jesus is Lord!