There was a period of National protest in Nigeria in June 1994. It was organized by NADECO, a pro-democracy group, and aimed at resisting the senseless annulment of the country’s free, fair, and credible presidential election of June 12, 1993.

During the period, my home town, Akure, Nigeria, where I lived, was in total lockdown. As a result, many people were inconvenienced; my father was one of them! Before then, he was constantly in and out of the hospital on account of ill-health. Shutting down hospitals therefore, was bad for him. So, I moved him to my house for close monitoring and medical intervention, if need be.

Early one morning, I went out for my usual road walk, but along the line, I was prompted in the Spirit to return home immediately. I didn’t understand why, but I complied anyway. What exactly is happening in my house? I asked myself repeatedly, till I got there.

To my relief, everyone I saw was fine. Where is Daddy? I asked, as I dashed to the guest room; there I found him gasping for breath; obviously in great discomfort, and before I could help him, he stopped breathing. He became still, and unresponsive to stimuli. Besides, he had no palpable pulses, and his pupils were fixed and dilated.

Daddy is dead! I shouted; crying, and administering cardiopulmonary resuscitation on him simultaneously. This I did for about 35 minutes at first. My wife was with me, praying loudly in the spirit, and urging me on. Lawyer Olumide Tomiwa, Sister Foluke Akinnadeju Tomiwa’s husband, and Akinleye Akinseye, my brother in-law, were also on hand, encouraging me, and praying to God to return Daddy back to us. No doubt, they were God sent!

I stopped resuscitating my father on the dot of 35 minutes, and I told the people around, in between sobs, that his case was hopeless. I also told them that if he came around at all, he would be brain damaged, since his heart had stopped beating for more than five minutes, and I wasn’t ready for that.

But my wife urged me to continue, and I did for another 10 minutes. That means I was on my father for about 45 minutes. Eventually, I gave up, and stepped aside to pray/thank God for his life, and figure out how I would move his lifeless body to the mortuary. Meanwhile, the folks with me did not stop praying! And after what looked like eternity to me, Daddy sneezed suddenly; then, he opened his eyes, and moved. Within minutes, he sat up, and started to thank God for sparing his life; tears flowing down his face.

Daddy is alive! I shouted, this time louder than I did when I announced his death earlier on. Immediately, we began to rejoice; we sang, danced, and lifted the name of the Lord together. I later gave a testimony regarding what God did for my father in our church, and His name was hugely glorified.

At this point, I will like to state that Daddy did not suffer brain damage at any time afterwards (Ecclesiastes 3:14)! He remained ever so agile, clever, witty, courageous, and focussed to the end. Above all, he became born-again in December 1994, during one of our outreaches. Prior to that time, Daddy detested born-again Christians, and encouraged us to avoid them! He subsequently served the Lord with all his might, and passed on to glory five (5) years later, on the 22nd of December 1999, aged 75. I give God praise for his life, in Jesus name. Amen.

Friends, the Spirit of God that brought my father back to life is dwelling in you right now, and can make everything that is dead in your life live again (Romans 8:11). He can make your health that seems dead live again (Jeremiah 30:17). He can make your dead womb live again (Deuteronomy 7:12-13a). He can make your dead dreams live again (Psalm 32:8).

He can make your dead business live again (Deuteronomy 28:8). He can make your children who are as good as dead, because of circumstances beyond their control, live again (Isaiah 49:25). He can make your relationship with Him, which is dead, live again (Jeremiah 31:3), etc. But, you have to play your own part very well; you have to pray to Him to intervene in your life/situation first of all. After that, you have to believe that He will sort you out at some point, and He will (Mark 11:24), in Jesus name. Amen.

NB. Our Ministry is eleven (11) years old today (01.05.15). Glory be to God Almighty! Amen!!

Jesus is Lord!

Dr Adedayo Stoney Adegbulu.

Dr Stoney is the author of About God! Undeniable Facts & Testimonies


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