The Name of Jesus! (4)

  • Makes casting out of demons possible

We have the backing of Jesus Christ for this all important undertaking.  In Mark 16:17 He said: ’’…these signs will follow those who believe: In My name they will cast out demons…’’.

A young man once inhabited my boys’ quarters in Nigeria. He was actually homeless when I met him, and many people advised me against taking him in, because he was suspected to be a druggie and they justifiably felt that he could harm me at some point.  But somehow, I managed not to heed their advice! And not very long after he moved in with me, He became a born again Christian; I was then a hugely anti-born again Christians person!  Almost immediately, I noticed that he suddenly became very prayerful and fasting became his second nature.  He was also very busy conducting miracles services here and there, and folks were always flocking around him for one purpose or the other.  Then one day, he was directed in the Spirit to ask me to facilitate his getting to, and healing a particular man known to me, but unknown him.   The man in question was severely disabled and utterly disfigured and all medical interventions extended to him, were unhelpful.  Anyway, I facilitated the man of God and his team’s trip to the afore-mentioned man.  And as I was later told, when they got to him, and experienced his anguish first-hand, they were moved with compassion and they commanded the demon afflicting him to come out in Jesus name.  Then, the man’s body quaked violently for a fairly long time, and he was in a lot of pain but the men of God did not stop tormenting the demon, and commanding it to come out in the name of Jesus.  In the end, it succumbed, and came out riotously.  The man later went back to his government job, and lived a normal life thereafter to the glory of God.

Friend, you too can cast out demons in the name of Jesus, and you can be sure of his full support as you do so (Mark 16:17).  Amen.

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