ARISE and GO! (4)

  • Total Obedience

In Genesis Chapter 12, God told Abraham at an old age to ‘ARISE and GO’ to a foreign land, and he obeyed Him totally.  As a result, God blessed him with children, even though it was biologically impossible for him and his wife to have them on account of old age.  He also blessed him with riches, glory, honour, good life, and the privilege of dying peacefully, and of being given a decent burial.

Friend, is God asking you to serve Him more, or to change your location and job? Is He asking you to forgive someone, start a new business, propose to a sister or accept a marriage proposal from a brother, study a particular course, etc.?  Will you disobey Him? Or will you obey Him partially or totally? Please be reminded that total disobedience and partial obedience of His commands, comes with unpleasant results.  But total obedience comes with glorious blessings.  Please choose wisely today, and be blessed in Jesus name.  Amen.

ARISE and GO! (3)

  • Partial Obedience

In 1 Samuel Chapter 15, the Lord commanded King Saul to ‘ARISE and GO’ to Amalek, and destroy everyone, and everything in sight because the Amalekites made life very difficult for the Israelites as they came up from Egypt.  Initially, the King responded enthusiastically to God’s instruction by attacking the Amalekites vigorously.   He destroyed all the people and most of the animals they saw with the edge of the sword.  However, they spared Agag king and the best of the animals in the land, contrary to what the Lord ordered them to do.  Therefore for his partial obedience to God’s command, he lost his children, his anointing, his throne, and his life.

Partial obedience of God’s commands also lead to very harsh penalties.  You should therefore avoid it!

ARISE and GO! (2)

  • Total Disobedience

In Jonah Chapters 1 and 2, the Lord commanded Prophet Jonah to ‘ARISE and GO’ to Nineveh and cry out against it because of their wickedness.  But he disobeyed God totally.  Instead of going to Nineveh in the North East, he boarded a ship, and headed for Tarshish in the West, just to escape the presence of the Lord.  As a result, the Lord sent out a great wind, and a mighty tempest on the sea, and everyone on board panicked, because death was imminent.  Eventually on his request, and as a way out of the problem on ground, he was thrown into the sea and He was swallowed by a great fish for three days and three nights.  It was after he was thrown overboard, that normalcy returned to the sea.

As you can see, total disobedience of God’s instructions is fraught with serious consequences.  Please do not go for it.

ARISE and GO! (1)

  • Introduction

The prodigal son (Luke 15:11-24) was one of the sons of a certain well to do man.  One day, he went to his father, and requested for his inheritance.  His father did oblige him, and he went abroad and lived riotously afterwards.  Famine soon set in, and he suffered intensely.  Then one day, he got up and said ‘’I will arise and go— (Luke 15: 18-19)’’.  He rose up, and went to his father for forgiveness, help, and restoration back into the family.

Today, are you suffering like the prodigal son because of your past poor choices, and unwise decisions? If you are, then the Lord is asking you to ARISE and GO to Jesus Christ for relief.

Your response may come in one of the following three ways:

God’s Power Is Awesome

”God has spoken once, twice I have heard this: That power belongs to God”-Psalm 62:11


God’s power is awesome

It brightens dark days

It elevates the poor

It uplifts the downtrodden

It ensures success

It makes the barren to become proud mothers

Yes, it gives children to the childless.

This power is still available

It is there to help you

And to gladden your heart

Praise God!


Dr Adedayo Stoney Adegbulu

Cheer Up Folks!

Patience and faith in God are of utmost importance while waiting on God for children. You see, He is abundantly able to save those who possess these vital traits. But let us be warned that while waiting on God, trials, temptations, and frustrations will come from time to time, but we must never allow them to derail us. One of the things that my wife and I discovered about them a long time ago is that they always disappear with the help of God. And now to my brothers and sisters waiting on God for their own children, I bring good tidings to you! And that is, they (children) are coming (Psalm 127:3), and you will have yours at God’s appointed time when you won’t have to struggle, and when His name will be glorified through you. So, cheer up; please be happy, work for God and don’t stop trusting Him, help others as well, and He will beautify you at the end of the day. I joyfully declare today, that your waiting period is gradually, but steadily coming to a glorious ending, and we shall all be on hand to rejoice you in Jesus name, amen. Praise God!

The Name of Jesus! (5)

  • Makes Salvation possible

The name of Jesus also makes salvation possible.  And   Apostle Paul verified this position as follows: ”Nor is there salvation in any other, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved” (Acts 4:12).

As I stated above, I used to be a hugely anti-born again Christians person.  Very early one Sunday morning, in my home town, Akure, Nigeria, I went out for my usual exercise.  And along the line, I saw a well to do family going to church in their posh car, and I wondered why such classy people could allow themselves to be ‘brain washed into serving a God that is alien to our culture’.  I ended up pitying them for ‘their stupidity’! After that, I saw another family, a very poor one this time around, walking to church in their scanty and dirty dresses, and I became really very angry.  My immediate reaction was to upbraid them and then, counsel them to do something sensible about their ‘pitiable condition, instead of running after a God that does not give a damn about their well-being anyway’.  But I restrained myself! A little time afterwards, I found out that I couldn’t move my legs properly anymore; it was as if they have been locked by someone.  Of course, I tried to push on regardless, but the more I tried, the tougher it became for me to move, and the more frustrated I became.  And to make matters worse for me, there was no one insight that I could call upon to help me out.  In the end, I gave in, and stood by the road side, unsure of what I should do and what would become of me at the end of the day.  Then suddenly, something strong filtered into my mind, and I had this feeling that I should go to a particular Pentecostal church in town, and I turned round immediately to do so, only to discover that I could move my legs flawlessly once more.  And I ran all the way to my residence, had a quick shower, dressed up smartly, fetched my long disregarded and dust covered bible, got into my car, and drove to the said church.  And on getting there, I saw all categories of people dancing, singing, jumping, clapping and glorifying the name of the Lord joyfully.  And for the first time in my adult life, I sincerely listened to the word of God that day, and I found myself calling on the name of Jesus and wanting to be committed to Him; a task that generations of Christians tried before then, and failed to accomplish.  Two weeks later, precisely on the 4th of February 1991, I gave my life to Christ formally, during a crusade in my home town, Akure, Nigeria, to the glory of God and I thank Him for the journey so far.

Friend, you sure need the name of Jesus to face the intricate challenges of living.  You also need it to heal the sick and to cast out demons.  Most importantly, you need it to obtain Salvation (i.e. become born-again) without which, you cannot attain Heaven (John 3:3).  So, if you are not yet born again, now is a good opportunity for you to do so.  All you have to do, is to invite Jesus Christ into your life as your personal Lord and Saviour, and He will answer you (John 6:37).  And when this is settled, then you have a good chance of doing very well on earth, and ending up brilliantly in Heaven.  So, make the move right now!