As a young boy, I loved playing football, but, I was not good enough to make it into any serious team. Nevertheless, whenever I had the opportunity, I defended my turf vigorously, and made sure no one messed up around me.  However, I was frequently outpaced and outclassed by many boys, and each time that happened, all that echoed through my head was ‘REVENGE, REVENGE, REVENGE’.  After that, I made sure I gave the boy involved at least an injury, which he would never forget in his lifetime.

One day, at our local football pitch, a smaller boy than I played against a team I managed to talk myself into. He was awesome, for he dribbled, and scored goals after goals against us with ease. He made a particular mess of me that day, and I went all out to injure, and put him out of action once and for all. Regrettably, he was too clever for me, and I ended up injuring myself instead of him. I sustained a big wound on my right knee, which put me out of action for a fairly long time.

The wound healed eventually, but, left behind an unsightly scar, which pained, itched, and worried me for a very long time. Not long ago, I noticed it has almost disappeared.  So these days, I have no more unsightliness, no more painfulness, and no more itchiness to worry about.

Physical scars are marks left on the skin after wounds or injuries to its surface has healed. They are very common, and we all have one scar or the other somewhere in our bodies.  We cannot stop them from forming, and when they do, they do not disappear very easily. But, most will disappear over time. Medical interventions may be helpful in some cases.

Apart from physical scars which we see, there are also emotional scars which we do not see. They often accompany serious life events such as bereavement, ill-health, job loss, broken home, divorce, economic downturn, natural disaster, famine, violence, war, etc. They make living very difficult, and are characterized by sleep disturbances, noticeable weight changes, anger problem, memory problem, prolonged tiredness, shunning of social activities, diminished interest in sexual acts, etc.

Emotional scars affect people more than physical scars, and they take much longer to heal. They regularly remind us of the difficult times we went through, so that we do not repeat our past mistakes. They also help us to guide others better.

God is extremely good at healing emotional scars. As a medical doctor, I have had the opportunity of assisting numerous patients with emotional scars in the past, and I can attest to the fact that not all of them got reprieve from their conditions. But, those we put before God, and by extension Jesus Christ, got over theirs finally.

Friend, are you currently suffering from an emotional scar? Have you done all you can to heal yourself without success? Are you fed up, and about to give up? If you are, then, please calm down a little bit.  Kindly note that emotional scars are very common; they affect countless of people all over the world, therefore, you are not alone. But, they don’t last forever (2 Corinthians 4:17), and they are not expected to overwhelm you (1 Corinthians 10:13). Besides, they are beneficial in the long run (James 1:2-4, Romans 5:3-4).

God is willing to heal you through Jesus Christ today, if you ask Him (John 14:6, Isaiah 65:24). So, I urge you to run to Jesus without delay; He is well equipped to help you (Acts 10:38). Perhaps you approached Him in the past, and now, it seems your wound/scar are back, please don’t worry! Run to Him again; He is not tired of you (John 6:37).  He is quite determined to heal you (Matthew 11:28), and your life will never remain the same again, in Jesus name. Amen.

Jesus is Lord!

Dr Adedayo Stoney Adegbulu

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